OMS US History Unit 2 Vocab Words

  1. Tea Act
    1773 law passed taxed tea at a higher rate and gave special tax breaks to East India Tea Company
  2. Townshend Act
    1767 was a series of acts/taxes passed raised money in the colonies and also punished New York.
  3. Stamp Act
    1765 tax passed on legal documents, magazines, newspapers, etc. Meant to pay for troops stationed here.
  4. Sugar Act
    1764 Act actually lowered the tax on sugar and molasses but increased the enforcement.
  5. Treaty
    An agreement between 2 or more nations usually for to end a war.
  6. "No Taxation without Representation"
    Rallying cry of colonists. Argued that all the taxes were unjust if they did not have representation in parliament.
  7. Sons and Daughters of Liberty
    Group of patriots responsible for Boston Tea party and worked against the British Govt. Sam Adams
  8. 1st Continental Congress
    1774 petitioned the King to act more fairly and organized boycott of British goods.
  9. Intolerable Act
    1774 Laws passed as a result of Boston Tea party. Closed Boston Harbor, Quartering Act again, took rights from colonists.
  10. Boycott
    Refusal to buy certain goods. Used against British by the Sons and Daughters of Liberty.
  11. Propaganda
    Communication that tries to influence the attitudes and opinions of a community to a certain cause. One sided
  12. Rebellion
    Refusal of obedience order. Trying to replace or destroy an established government.
  13. Lexington & Congress
    1775 First military battle of the revolution. British try to confiscate militias guns at Concord.
  14. 2nd Continental Congress
    1775-76 Group of patriots that meant to discuss the war that had started with England. Passed Declaration of Independence
  15. Declaration of Independence
    July 4, 1776 2nd Continental Congress Declares the 13 colonies independent of England
  16. Saratoga
    1777 Battle that was the turning point in the Revolutionary War. Made France and Spain allies with the Colonist.
  17. Loyalists
    American colonist who wanted to stay loyal to the King of England. Also called Tories or Royalists.
  18. Patriots
    American Colonist who wanted independence from England and were willing to fight for it.
  19. Vally Forge
    1777-78 Winter Camp of George Washington. Very harsh conditions
  20. Yorktown
    1781 Last major battle of the revolution. Trapped British troops surrender to Washington and French troops. Lead to Treaty of Paris that ended the war.
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