TOEFL Vocabulary

  1. adversely
    in a harmful way; negatively
  2. aggregate
    gathered into or amounting to a whole
  3. precipitation
    rain, snow, fog ( water) that falls to the ground
  4. perservere
    to keep going, despite obstacles or dicouragement
  5. deplete
    to greatly decrease the supply of a resource or material
  6. infinitesimal
    immeasurably small
  7. adjacent
    next to
  8. corrode
    to be slowly weakened by chemical reactions
  9. implement
    make use of; to carry out
  10. expeditiously
    quickly an efficiently
  11. redacted
    edit for publication, censor for legal/security purposes
  12. prefatory
  13. conjunctive
  14. vigilance
    alertness, watchfullness
  15. permeate
    to spread or flow troughout
  16. discretely
    seperately; distinct
  17. aquisition
    the act of taking possesion of something
  18. indisputable
    beyond doubt; unquestionable
  19. recede
    to move back or away from
  20. agnostic
    believing that humans cannot know whether there is a god
  21. animism
    the belief that natural objects, such as trees, have souls
  22. deify
    to worship as a god
  23. ecclesiastical
    relating to the church
  24. pious
    having of exhibiting religious reverence
  25. aggrevate
    to worsen
  26. invoke
    to call on for support
  27. assimilate
    to consume and incorporate; to become similar
  28. vestige
    a visible trace that something once existed
  29. amend
    to change for the better
  30. paradigm
    a pattern or model; a set of assumptions
  31. erudite
    highly educated
  32. implicitly
    without being stated; unquestionable
  33. parochial
    having limited or narrow outlook; relating to the local church
  34. rigor
  35. annex
    to make something (usually land) part of another unit (attach,join)
  36. apex
    the highest point (offten used to describe the high point of someone's abilities)
  37. devise
    plan or invent by careful thought
  38. prevailing
    strongest or most common
  39. coincide
    happen or exist at the same time
  40. allocate
    distribute (resources or duties) for a particular purpose
  41. tangible
    perceptible by touch or other senses
  42. accumulate
    to build up a large amount of something
  43. affluence
    wealth and the style that goes with it
  44. assess
    to estimate the value of something
  45. hazardous
  46. incentive
    a possible benefit that motivates a person to do a certain thing
  47. marginal
    not very significant or effective
  48. intrepid
  49. apprehend
    to capture
  50. ascertain
    to make sure of
  51. assail
    to attack or criticize forcefully
  52. impair
    to make something less effective than usual (weaken)
  53. inference
    a conclusion drawn from evidence
  54. prevalent
  55. erode
    to wear away and become smaller
  56. coerce
    to force; to put pressure on someone to do something
  57. predicament
    a difficult situation, one that is hard to get out of
  58. interdict
    prohibit or forbide something
  59. ambiguous
    having more than one meaning
  60. capricious
    moving unpredictably from one thing to another
  61. inhibit
    hinder, restrain, or prevent (an action or process)
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