Biology 4-1

  1. Screening Infants
    • Chromosomal abnormalities- downs syndrome
    • Disease that they can do something about it they intervene right now
    • Phenylalamine (aa) you are screened for at birth. Will cause sever mental retardation off of this by age two they wont get this.
  2. Screening Adults
    • Adult onset diseases that occur later in life--alzheimer and huntington
    • Also screen for genes that might be passes onto children-- CF and sickle cell amenia
  3. Invirto Fertalization
    • Preventing disease transfer to offspring
    • Women ovulates 8-10 times instead of 1 and they all grow alike inside a plate
    • Remove one cell and run tests on it
    • Finds ones that done have the disease and implant them into her
    • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis= PGD
  4. PGD
    • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
    • 30% success rate
    • Looking for a tissue match for the older siblings
    • This is so she can be a donor for her sister
    • 9% of cases are done for what is called family balancing-sex selection
    • Very expensive (20,000)
  5. Designer Children
    • Making them tall, dark and handsome
    • Swapping out genes
    • Does not work....yet
    • Dont know enough about genes
    • Only screening for diseases, tissue match and gender
  6. Gene Therapy
    • Genetic engineering in humans
    • Replacing a defective gene with a healthy one
  7. Gene therapy- SCID
    • Sever Combined Immune Deficiency Disease
    • Missing a protein- immune cells did not work well
    • Little boy in bubble
    • Worked for the one girl- gene therapy- have to be done repeatedly because the cells dont survive
    • Found a way to get into bone marrow- cured
    • If inserted into the wrong place could cause serious things like lukemia
    • Since it causes deaths everything haulted
  8. Gene Doping
    • Athletics using gene therapy to enhance performance
    • Dangerous
    • Survey of olympics said they would take it to win even if it would kill them in five years 65%
  9. Gene Doping- Oerythropoiden
    • Hormone that increases red blood cells in your body
    • Endurance increases
    • Problem when you eject the EPO it doesnt know when its enough which can lead to too many RBC
    • People that do this have just died in their sleep
    • Maybe if you injected the EPO it would regulate itself then be undetectable
    • Turn on when oxygen is low- making low blood cells
    • Gene therapy for muscle wasting disease like muscular dystrophy
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