Choson Korea

  1. Choson Dynasty
    • who? King T'aejo
    • what? -Yi Dynasty -founded by Songgye -aliminate power of buddhist church -chinese confusianism -strong division of classes
    • when? 1392-1910
    • where? Korea (capital Hangyang)
    • why? pease and obedience 
  2. King T'aejo
    • who? Yi Songgye- founder of the dynasty
    • what? -stages a coup and removes king from thrown (prev king wanted Yi to fight ming dynasty)
    • when? 1392
    • where? Hangyang, Korea
    • why? outrageous government
    • how? surround capital and remove king from thrown
  3. Yongban
    • who? aristocracy of officials
    • what? -2 groups--> civil and military -only class to take civil service exam
    • when? choson dynasty 1392-1910
    • where? korea
    • why? -high class -no switch in class
    • how? strict rules
  4. King Sejong
    • who? great invador; enlightened ruler
    • what? -bright man with bright men -made writing system with budhist monks -moveable metal type + rain gage + water clock 
    • when? 1418-1450
    • where? korea
  5. King Sejong
    • who? the usurper
    • why? -steels thrown from nephew -addresses problems with yangban -all reforms fail -seen as villian, unconfucian, not respected -reinstitutes land surverys
    • when? 1455-1468
    • where? korea
    • why? want to reform
    • how? stole thrown
  6. King Yongjo
    • who? reformer
    • what? excecuted son (only heir) bc not good enough to rule -tried to reform factionalism -short success but fail after deal
    • when? 1724-1776
    • where? korea
  7. han 'gul
    • who? king Sejong and buddhist monks
    • what? -writing system -met with scorn by yangban -inferior to chinese characters -closer to japanese spoken language
    • when?early 1400s
    • where? korea
    • why? create writing system closer to japanese language
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