Religion Test Unit Two

  1. Divine Inspiration:.
     The divine assistance the Holy Spirit gave the authors of the books of the Bible so the authors could write in human words the salvation message GOd wanted to communicate
  2. 2 Components to Divine Inspiration
    • 1. God is the ultimate author of the Bible
    • 2. The people who wrote the books of the Bible made full use of their faculties and powers to write what God wanted and no more.
  3. Scripture (the Bible) is
    Trustworthy and true, untainted by anything false, erroneous or deceptive.
  4. Who is the ultimate Author of the Bible
  5. Because God is the author than
    Saying the Bible has an error is like saying God has an error.
  6. Jesus Christ
    • God himself who came to earth
    • He's God's last word.
    • By listening to him we'll know what we need to do for salvation
  7. Jesus was God's last words, so
    He told us everything and God no longer has anything to say to us.
  8. God's words are different
    God's words become flesh
  9. Canon
  10. The Canon of the Bible
    The list of inspired books/writings that are recognized and received by the Church that make up the Bible
  11. Magestierium at the Council of Trent
    Where the offical canon of the Bible was decided
  12. Reformation
    the driving force of the Council of Trent's decision to chose the specific books of the bible that the church would use.
  13. Old testament Canons
    • The Pentateuch
    • Historical Books
    • Wisdom Books
    • The Prophets
  14. The Pentateuch
    The Torah. The first five books of the Bible with an unbroken story line going from Creation to Israel entering Canaan
  15. Wisdom Books
    Gives practical advice on a well lived life. Important distingusihing factor of these books: they declare "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge."
  16. The Prophets
    Focuses on the works of the the Prohets who were designated by God to speak for God to the people
  17. New testament Canons
    • Gospels
    • Acts of the Apostiles
    • Pauline Letters
    • Catholic Letters
    • Revelation
  18. Gospels
    Meaning 'good news'. It is four different accounts of the same story; Jesus
  19. Acts of the Apostiles
    A continuation of the gospel of St. Luke, covering the history of when Paul went to Rome to preach. It mainly covers the Holy Spirit in the church
  20. Pauline letters
    Letters written by Paul to specific church communities
  21. Catholic letters
    Like pauline, but by anyone adn they addressed the universal church
  22. Revelation
    The drama of history's final days with its clead focus on Jesus Christ as the Lamb
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