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  1. Homeostasis
    Concept that implies a state of "normalcy" in the body; it is reached when things are operating within normal biological limits.
  2. Sensory receptors sense changes in
    • External environment
    • Internal environment
  3. CNS
    • Central Nervous System
    • Brain and spinal cord
    • Does not include cranial and spinal nerves
  4. Integration function
    Brain and spinal cord (CNS) involved in analysis of sensory information and problem solving
  5. Response (motor) function
    The CNS "decides" how to respond and does so through muscle contraction and glandular secretion
  6. Peripheral nervous system - PNS
    • Voluntary
    • 12 pairs cranial nerves; 31 pairs spinal nerves
    • Somatic nervous system (SNS)
    • Autonomic nervous system (ANS)
  7. SNS - Somatic (afferent) neurons
    carry impulses from receptors to CNS
  8. SNS Motor (efferent) neurons
    carry impulses from CNS to effectors skeletal muscle only
  9. Autonomic nervous system - ANS
  10. ANS Sensory (afferent) neurons
    carry impulses from visceral receptors to CNS
  11. ANS Motor (efferent) neurons
    carry impulses from CNS to visceral effectors - smooth muscle, cardiac muscle and glands
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