Chatper 21 Participation and Interest Groups in Texas Politics

  1. All citizens who meet the formal requirements to register to vote; in Texas, you must be 18 years of age and a resident of the state for thirty days before the election
    Voting- Age Population
  2. A system that requires citizens to re-register every year.
    Annual Voter Registration
  3. A system that allows citizens to remain on the voter registration list if they countinue to vote at prescribed intervals.
    Permanent Registration System
  4. The principle that states with two active and competitive parties have higher rates of voter turnout than states, such as Texas, with weak or noncompetitive parties.
    Party Competition
  5. Interest groups that represent statewide business organizations, such as a state's Chamber of Commerce.
    Peak Business Organizations
  6. Interest groups that represent specific business interests, such as oil producers and highway contractors
    Trade Associations
  7. Interest groups that represent different types of farmers and businesses that provide farming supplies
    Agricultural Associations
  8. Organizations oo people in professions such as teaching, medicine, law, architecture, cosmetology, and many others that generally require a license, have an element of state control, and lack the right to collective bargaining.
    Proffessional Associations
  9. Negotiations on wages, hours, and other working conditions between employers and employees
    Collective Bargaining
  10. Interest groups that represent state government employees, such as the Texas Association of Police Chiefs, and Local governments, such as the Texas Association of County Officials
    State and Local interest groups (SLIGs)
  11. State agency responsible for enforcing requirements to report information on money collected and activities by interest groups and candidates for public office.
    Texas Ethics Commission
  12. A Government structure in which power is dispersed to many state agencies with no central control.
    Fragmented Government Structure
  13. The situation in which a state agency or board falls under the heavy influence of its constituency interest groups. ( the interest group that hires Lobbist)
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Chatper 21 Participation and Interest Groups in Texas Politics
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