Phrasal verbs

  1. act up
    act in a stupid or silly way
  2. add up to something
    amount to
  3. ask after
    enquire about the health of someone or general news about them
  4. ask someone out
    invite on a date
  5. ask over
    invite to house
  6. ask around
    ask many people the same question
  7. back something up
  8. back someone up
  9. blow up
  10. blow something up
    add air
  11. break down
    stop functioning/get upset
  12. break something down
    divide into smaller parts
  13. break in
    force entry to a building
  14. break into something
    enter forcibly
  15. break something in
    wear something a few times so that it doesn't look/feel new
  16. break in
  17. break up
    end a relationship/start laughing (informal)
  18. break out
  19. break out in something
    develop a skin condition

    • Idiom:
    • (I broke out in a cold sweat.)
    • (Ich brach in Angstschweiss aus.)
  20. bring someone down
    make unhappy
  21. bring someone up
    raise a child
  22. bring something up
    start talking about a subject/vomit (erbrechen)
  23. call around
  24. call someone back
  25. call something off
  26. call on someone
    ask for an answer or opinion/visit someone
  27. call someone up
  28. calm down
    relax after being angry
  29. not care for something/someone
    not like

    • Idiom:
    • (to not care a rotten nut for sb./sth.)
    • (sich um jdn./etw. einen feuchten Kehricht scheren)
  30. catch up
    get to the same point as someone else
  31. check in
    arrive and register at a hotel or airport
  32. check out
    leave a hotel
  33. check someone/something out
    look at carefully, investigate, look at (informal)
  34. cheer up
    become happier
  35. cheer someone up
    make happier
  36. chip in
  37. clean something up
    tidy, clean
  38. come across something
    find unexpectedly
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