History Chapter 3 Section 1

  1. first representative assembly  in the American colonies
    House of Burgessesit could raise taxes and pass local laws.
  2. leader of the Jamestown colony
    John Smith
  3. land grant given to one who could pay his or her way to the colonies
  4. economic system the European nations used to enrich their treasures
  5. founder of England's first American colony
    Sir Walter Releigh
  6. first permanent English settlement in North America
  7. one who worked for a set time without pay in exchnage for a free passage to America
    indentured servant
  8. Who funded (paid for) Roanoke?
    Who funded Jamestown?
    • Roanoke: Sir Walter Raleigh
    • Jamestown: Virginia Company
  9. In Roanoke a relief ship found?
    no one alive
  10. In Jamestown a relief ship ...
    saves the colonists
  11. Roanoke: the colonists and the natives....
    were in conflict
  12. Jamestown: the colonists and the natives..
    were fine.... John Rolfe marries Powhatan princess
  13. Roanoke sucess?
  14. failure
  15. Jamestown success?
    Very successful
  16. Both Roanoke and Jamestown...
    colonists were unprepared for climate starvation
  17. Both colonies were located in....
  18. before tobacco the colonists...
    after tobacco the conosists
    • stuggled to survive
    • could share in the wealth
  19. before tobacco the natives...
    were both clashing and helping
  20. after tobacco the natives
    attacked the colonists
  21. before tobacco leadership was
    strong leader
  22. after tobacco leadership..
    representative assembly
  23. before tobacco land was..
    small area
  24. after tobacco land...
    started to spread into plantations
  25. English people hoped to find....
    work and wealth; the governemtn wanted to enrich the treasury.
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