1. Nutition
    how the boyd uses food to maintain health
  2. Nutient
    something found in food that provides energy, promotes growht and health and helps regulate metabolism
  3. Metabolism 
    is the process by which nutrients are broken down to be used by the body for eneryg an other needs.
  4. Kinds of nutrients:
    • protein: needed by every cell - eggs milk meat nuts whole grains
    • carbohydrates: supply fuel - fiber ( BM) complex carbs in pasta  ceral etc. Simple carbs in sugars
    • Fats: store body energy - provides insulation, butter oils
    • Vitamins :
    • Water: need 64 oz
  5. vegis are low in... and .. and have no..
    • fat and calories
    • have no cholesterol
  6. fruits contain... for (BM)
    • fiber
  7. Flax seed may reduce risk of...
    cardiovasuclar disease
  8. what is a good alternative to fatty meats to your protein intake?
    fish nuts and seeds
  9. Vegitarians should get protein by eating...
    beans neuts nut butters peas and soy products
  10. Diet Cards
    list the residnet name and inromation about special diets, alleries and likes/dislikes
  11. Low Sodium Diet
    • For pt with ^ bp, heart disease, kidny disesae, or fluid retentioon.
    • Low Na
    • NAS (no salt added)
  12. Fluid-Restricted Diets
    • Aiming for fluid balance of I&O. 
    • RF restrict Fluids
  13. Low-Protein Diet
    • Kidney disease or dialysis. 
    • fats could harm kidneys
  14. Low-Fat/Low-Cholesterol Diet
    • ^ cholesterol in blood at risk for heart attack and disease. people with gall bladdder, liver or other disese may limit fat in milk, have fish, lean meat, and white meath , veal, veg fats, olice an canola peanut oils
    • Low-fat/Low_Chol
  15. Modified Calorie Diet
    lose weight or increase weight becuase of malnutrition, surgery, illness, or fever. 
  16. Dietary Managemtn of Diabetes
    • Calories, carbs, protein and fats are regulated
    • DON"T offer food s- approval
    • artifical sweetners, low cal jelly, maple syrup ok. 
    • NCS no concentrated sweets
  17. Liquid Diet
    • before or after surgery or medical condition
    • CLEAR or FULL
    • CLEAR -  clear jucies broth gelatin and popsicles
    • FULL -cream soups milk and ice cream  in addition ^
  18. Soft Diet and Mechanical Soft Diet
    • soft or chopped foods. raw fruits and vegis, high fiber are restricted!!
    • trouble chewing/swallowing
    • liquid to regualr diet is orderd inbetween
  19. Puree diet
    puree chopped and blended or grind .
  20. Force fluids
    encourage more fluids
  21. Restrifct fluids
    limit daily amounts of liquids
  22. Dehydration
    • not enough water in body
    • S&S:
    • drinks less then 8 8oz or little
    • needs help drinking
    • troubleswallowing
    • frequent vomiting, diarrhea, or fever
    • easily confused or tired
    • dry mouth
    • cracked lips
    • sunkeneyes
    • dark urine
    • strongsmelling urine
    • weight loss
    • complaints of abdominal pain
  23. Prvent dehydration
    • report waring signs
    • encourge drinking
    • off fresh water
    • record fluid I&O
  24. Fluid overload
    • cant handle fluid consubmed
    • often with kidney or heart pt
    • S&S
    • edema
    • weight gain
    • less urine output
    • SOB
    • ^HR
    • Skin tight smooth shinny
  25. Edma
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