Ch 1 Vocab

  1. What is the Biological Hierarchy?
    • Domain
    • Kingdom
    • Phylum
    • Class
    • Order
    • Family
    • Genus
    • Species
  2. What are Emergent properties?
    Characteristic that depends on the level of organization of matter, but does not exist at lower levels of organization.
  3. What is Homeostasis?
    • A steady internal condition maintained by responses that compensate for changes in the external environment
    • Ex. ┬áBody temperature control
  4. What is Reproduction?
    The process in which parents produce offspring
  5. What is Development?
    • A series of changes encoded in DNA
    • A fertilized egg divides into many cells that ultimately are transformed into an adult. ┬áThe adult is then capable of reproduction
  6. What is the Life Cycle?
    The stages through which individuals devellop, grow, maintain themselves, and reproduce
  7. What is Inhertance?
    The transmission of DNA from one generation to the next
  8. What is adaptation?
    Characteristic that helps an organism survive longer or reproduce more under a particular set of environmental conditions
  9. What is evolution by natural selection?
    Evolutionary process by which alleles that increase the likelihood of survival and the reproductive output of the individuals that carry them become more common in subsequent generations
  10. What is differntial reproductive success?
    When one group has more viable offspring than another. If two populations are similar but one has a variation that leads to fewer births and more deaths
  11. What is Artificial selection?
    Selective breeding of organisms to ensure that certain desirable traits appear at higher frequency in successive generations
  12. What is a mutation?
    Spontaneus and heritable change in DNA
  13. What is a Gene?
    A unit controlling the code for a protein molecule or one of its parts
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