Hawaii Real Estate Study Cards

  1. Allodial System
    Private Ownership
  2. Agricultural Land Use
    Lands with a high capcity for intensive cultivation
  3. Ahupua'a
    Narrow strips from the mountain to the sea, dividing up the Moku
  4. Concervation Land Use
    Lands in the existing forest and water reserve zones
  5. Feudal System
    The kings were the sovereign owners of all lands
  6. Great Mahele
    The great division of lands which occured in 1848.
  7. 'Ili
    a smaller estate, perhaps governed by the konohiki.
  8. Kamehameha Deed
    Crown lands were sold sometimes with this, and were recorded by book and page number.
  9. Kanaka
  10. Konohiki
  11. Kuleana
    The basic land parcel occupied by a kanaka, and could either be subservient or independent to an 'ili, also who had certain native rights of fishery, water, and mountain products.
  12. Land Commission
    Appointed by King Kamehameha III in 1845 to award land claims.
  13. Land Patent
    An instrument conveying government owned lands to individuals.
  14. Lele
    Pieces of non contiguous land, called jumps. Some of these make up an 'ili.
  15. Makai
    Facing the Ocean
  16. Mauka
    Facing the Mountain
  17. Moku
    The largest unit within an island, generally running from the mountain top to the sea
  18. Moku Puni
    An entire island
  19. Mo'o
    Smaller units of farm land
  20. Royal Patent
    The instrument of original grant of sovereign lands in Hawaii to individuals
  21. Rural Land Use
    Lands composed primarily of small farms mixed with very low-density residential lots with a minimum size of one-half acre.
  22. State Land Use Commission
    In 1961, this entity classified all lands in the State into four land use districts: urban, agricultural, rural, and conservation.
  23. Urban Land Use
    Lands in areas with sufficient reserve areas to accommodate foreseeable future growth. Improved and unimproved residential, apartment, hotel and resort, industrial, and commercial.
  24. Accretion
    The gradual building up of rock, sand or soil deposits due to shoreline water action or a shifting river.
  25. Avulsion
    The sudden tearing away or removal of land by the action of water flowing over it or through it.
  26. Bundle of Rights
    The 1. Right to possess; 2. the right to use, or keep others from using; 3. the right to encumber; 4. the right to enjoy; and, 5. the right to dispose
  27. Corporeal
  28. Emblement
    Personal Property
  29. Hereditament
    All properties or rights connected with the ownership that can be passed on to one's heirs upon death.
  30. Improvements
    All real estate except land. Including buildings, fixtures, fences, curbs, sewers, etc.
  31. Incorporeal
  32. Land
    The earth's surface, and its extension up to infinity, and downward to the center of the earth.
  33. Real Estate
    Consists of land, tenements, and hereditaments. The land includes not only the surface of the earth, but all those things permanently attached by nature, such as trees, rocks, soil, minerals, etc.
  34. Tenements
    The land, as well as the rights both tangible and intangible that may arise from owning the land.
  35. Reliction
    When water gradually recedes from an area, and new land is exposed.
  36. Riparian Rights
    The legal right to use the waters in common with the other owners whose land also abuts the same waters.
  37. Littoral Rights
    Rights applying to property bordering on a body of water that is non-flowing, such as a sea or a lake.
  38. Shoreline
    A zone rather than a line that the State retains title to where the high water mark determines the boundary between public and private lands.
  39. Appurtenance
    To become part of
  40. Bill of Sale
    A written instrument that passes title of personal property from seller to buyer
  41. Chattel
    Personal property
  42. Chattel Mortgage
    For personal property financingy by way of a security agreement and financing statement
  43. Financing Statement
    A statement recording the value in a property or items showing that a person has an interest in the property or items.
  44. Fixture
    Articles of personal property that have become attached to land or a building in such a manner as to become part of the real property.
  45. Personal Property
    Every kind of property other than real property, and would include most movable items, such as man made property, money, furniture, and other goods and chattels.
  46. Real Property
    The earth's surface and everything attached by man or nature.
  47. Security Agreement
    A document that states the interest in a property or fixture.
  48. Tenant's Fixture
    Items of personal property that a tenant has installed in a rented space.
  49. Trade Fixture
    • Items of personal property that a business operator has installed in a rented
    • space.
  50. Uniform Commercial Code
    This provides the seller or lender can retain a security interest in the property until he is paid in full.
  51. Condition Precedent
    When a condition needs to happen prior to the transfer of the property.
  52. Condition Subsequent
    A condition where if something happens or doesn't happen title will not transfer.
  53. Dower Consummate
    The completed dower; the right a wife may have in her husband's property upon his death.
  54. Dower
    The one-third interest a wife may have in the property of her husband acquired prior to July 1, 1977; a life estate in 1/3 of the land the husband owns during the continuance of the marriage relationship and an absolute interest in 1/3 personal property.
  55. Dower Inchoate
    The right a wife may have in her husband's property during his life.
  56. Estate
    The degree, quantity, nature, and extent of interest a person has in real property.
  57. Fee Defeasible
    Estates tha have conditions that can restrict a fee simple estate. If they are broken, or a particular event occurs, they may enable the grantor to revoke or terminate the transfer.
  58. Fee Simple
    An estate in real property, by which the owner has the greatest power over the title which it is possible to have, being an absolute estate; an estate of inheritance belonging to the owner, that he may dispose of, trade, or will, as he chooses.
  59. Freehold Estate
    An estate whose duration is uncertain and indefinite, such as a fee simple or life estate.
  60. Homestead
    A life estate in a piece of real property used by the occupant as his primary residence. A right given to a householder or head of family to designate real estate as his home, and said home is exempt, up to a stated amount from execution from creditors.
  61. Less than Freehold
    A lease; a leasehold estate
  62. Life Estate
    An estate or interest in real property held for the duration of the life of a certain person. Upon the expiration of that life, the estate will automatically be vested in a remainderman or reversioner.
  63. Remainder Estate
    An estate created by single grant simultaneously with another which vests with a third party after termination of the prior estate; such as a life estate.
  64. Remainderman
    The on in whom an estate vests after termination of a prior estate.
  65. Reversion
    The residue of an estate left to the grantor or his heirs after termination of all prior estates and interests; the right of a lessor to recover possession of leased property upon the termination of the lease, with all subsequent right to use and enjoy the property. Reverts back to the original owner.
  66. Reversionary Interest
    A present right to future possessions of an estate.
  67. Seisin
    Possession of real property by one entitled therto; a warranty that at the time of delivery of a deed, the grantor actually has the right and capacity to convey good legal title.
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