Chapter 1- Community Health

  1. Aggregate
    a population group (a group that share one or more personal or environmental characteristics)
  2. assessment
    systematic data collection about a population. This includes monitoring teh population's health status and providing information about the health of teh community
  3. assurance
    the public health role of making sure that essential community-oriented health services are available
  4. community
    poeple and the relationships that emerge among them as they develop and use in commonsome agencies and institutions and share a physical environment
  5. communitu-based 
    occurs outside an institution. services are provided to individuals and families in a community
  6. community-based nursing
    the provision of acute care and care for chronic health problems to individuals and families in the community
  7. community health nursing 
    nursing practice in the community, with the primary focus on the health care of individuals, families, and groups in a community. ***The goal is to preserve, protect, promote, or maintain health
  8. community-oriented nursing
    nursing that has as its primary focus the health care of either the community or a population of individuals, families, and groups
  9. community-oriented practice
    broader in scope than community-based practice. A form of care in which the nurse provides health care after doing a community diagnosis to determine what conditions need to be altered so that individuals, families, and groups in the community stay healthy
  10. policy development
    providing leadership in developing policies that support the health of the population
  11. population
    a collection of people who share one or more personal or environmental characteristics
  12. population-fcoused
    emphasizes  populations who live in a community
  13. population-focused practice
    the core of public health, a practice that emphasizes health protection, health promotion, and disease prevention of a population
  14. primary health care services
    both primary care and public health services that are designed to meet the basic needs of people in communities at an afforfable cost
  15. public health
    community efforts designed to prevent disease and promote health. It can be what members of society do collectively to ensure conditions that support health
  16. public health core functions 
    these include assessment, policy development, and assurance (making sure that community services are available)
  17. public health nursing
    a specialty of nursing that synthesizes nursing, social, and public health sciences to provide care to populations
  18. secondary health care services
    services designed to detect and treat disease in the early acute stage
  19. subpopulations
    subsets of the population who share similar characteristics. For example, people older than 65yrs who live in a residential home would be a subpopulation of a larger population of olfrt persons in the community
  20. tertiary health care services
    services designed to limit the progression of disease or disability
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