PMAP 3801 Midterm

  1. Public administration must engage with diverse____and______.
    Groups and Individuals
  2. Public administration operates within which two basic concepts?
    • a rile-based and procedurally-bound personnel system
    • a relatively short timehorizon driven by the political cycle
  3. What are the differences between decision making between public administration and businesses?
    Public administration decisions are open to the piblic while businesses operate more priately.
  4. What are three major flaws between public administration and businesses?
    • ambiguity can make objectives unclear
    • power is often diffused in a political system
    • there are many competing and conflicting values
  5. Give Croft's definition of public administration.
    The managerial and political processes that occur in the executive, legislative, and judicial branchesfor the purposes of creating, implementing, and assessing public policy.
  6. Who has longer tenures? Appointed Public Administrators or bureaucratic elected officials?
    Public Administrators
  7. What are "entitlement programs"? Why are they important?
    Programs to which individuals are "entitled to by law (ex. Medicare).  It is one of three programs that are still Federally-funded and have increased over time.
  8. Which level of government is charged with the direct delivery of services and why?
    Local governments.  Police, fire, healthcare and education are solely responsible to local government because
  9. Define ethics.
    the process of using reason, guided by moral standardsor personal values, to make decisions regardingright and wrongdoingin one's professional and personal life, and taking responsibility for those decisions.
  10. What are the three major players of the Iron Triangle?
    • Interest groups
    • Bureaucrats
    • Congressional Committees
  11. Define human capital.
    the deelopment of a strategy to recruit and retain the workers the government needs and to ensure that they produce strong and effective government programs.
  12. What four issues are reolved around building human capital?
    • Leadership
    • Strategic human capital planning
    • Acquiring, developing, and retaining talent
    • Results-oriented culture
  13. What are the benefits of broadbanding?
    • Flexibility
    • career development
    • lining to pay skills
  14. Define at-will employment.
    employees have no civil service protection and can be fired without the benefit of the standard civil service procedures
  15. Define incrementalism.
    Cautious style of decision making in which changes are implemented gradually or in small steps.
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