UofH KOR401 VOCAB Chapter 05

  1. 가구
  2. 가열하다
    to apply heat; heat
  3. 개발되다
    to be developed
  4. 개발하다
    to develop
  5. 개조하다
    to remodel; to modify
  6. 고래 (방고래)
    heating system (hypocaust) flues
  7. 고루
    evenly, equally, uniformly, fairly
  8. 고안하다
    to design, conceive, devise, think out
  9. 고압
    high pressure
  10. 고온
    high temperature
  11. 고유의
    unique, characteristic, proper
  12. pipe
  13. 수도관
    water pipe
  14. 가스관
    gas pipe
  15. 광목
    wide woof of cotton
  16. 구들장
    piece of flat stone used for flooring a room
  17. 구조
    structure, construction
  18. 구조 조정
    restructuring; downsizing
  19. 굴뚝
  20. 그대로
    as it is
  21. 기름
    oil; grease
  22. 깔다
    to spread out; lay out; place
  23. 나누다
    to divide, share; to converse with
  24. 나다
    to pass, go or get through (a season)
  25. 난방
  26. 난방 방식
    heating system
  27. 다지다
    to harden, make hard
  28. 달리다
    to be hung
  29. 대가족 제도
    extended family system
  30. 대류
    convection current
  31. 대류권
  32. 덥히다
    to heat
  33. 덮다
    to cover (with a blanket or lid, etc.)
  34. 도입되다
    to be introduced
  35. 도입하다
    to introduce
  36. 되찾다
    to take back, regain, recover, retrieve
  37. 때다
    to burn, kindle, make a fire
  38. 마감하다
    to finish, complete
  39. 몸살
  40. 바뀌다
    to be changed; to be swapped
  41. 바르다
    to plaster, rub on, paste
  42. 받아들이다
    to accept, receive; agree with
  43. 발달하다
    to be developed; advanced
  44. 발생시키다
    to make something occur
  45. 방바닥
    floor of a room
  46. 변하다
    to change; to transform
  47. 변화
    change, transformation
  48. 복사
  49. 비닐 장판
    vinly floor
  50. 빠져나가다
    to escape; go out; leak out
  51. 사라지다
    to disappear
  52. 상좌
    seat of honor (lit., upper-seat)
  53. 생기다
    to happen, occur
  54. 생활 방식
    living style, lifestyle
  55. 서민
    common people
  56. 석탄
  57. 설치하다
    to install
  58. 세우다
    to set up, build, construct, establish
  59. 손잡이
  60. 순환하다
    to circulate; to rotate
  61. 스미다
    to soak in; to come in (of water)
  62. 실내
  63. 아궁이
    fuel hole; fireplace
  64. 아랫목
    warmer part of an ondol floor
  65. 양식
    mode, fashion, style
  66. 역할
    role, function
  67. 연기
  68. 연료
  69. 연탄
    briquette of coal
  70. heat, fever
  71. 오순도순
    mimetic word for people gathering in a small group
  72. 오슬오슬
    mimetic word for a person shivering with cold
  73. 온수
    hot water
  74. 원래
    originally; from the first
  75. 원인
    cause, reason, source
  76. 위계 질서
    hierarchical order
  77. 유지하다
    to keep; to maintain
  78. 이동하다
    to move (from one place to another)
  79. 이루다
    to form; to make; to constitute
  80. 이루어지다
    to be formed of; be composed of; be made up of
  81. 전통적으로
  82. 장치
    equipment; device
  83. 장판지
    oiled paper (for a traditional ondol floor)
  84. 적절하게
    appropriately, properly
  85. 전도
  86. 열의 전도
    heat conduction
  87. 전통
  88. 전통 부엌
    traditional kitched
  89. 조차(도)
    even; besides; in addition
  90. 증기
  91. 지역
  92. 지점
    place, point
  93. 질기다
    to be tough; strong
  94. 질긴 고기
    tough meat
  95. 질긴 종이
    strong paper
  96. 타다
    to take / get on (a method of transportation)
  97. 통로
    passage, path
  98. 한기
    cold air, or cold feeling
  99. 한때
    once, for a while
  100. 화목
    harmony, happiness
  101. 화모관 가정
    happy family
  102. 효과
    effect; result
  103. 흐르다
    to flow, stream, run
  104. earth, clay, soil
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