S4M2 renal

  1. brownish casts in urine
  2. maltese cross cast
    lipid, seen in nephotic syndrome
  3. broad casts
    renal failure
  4. proteinuria >3.5 gm/ day
    nephrotic syndrome
  5. BUN:Cr > 20:1
    pre renal acute renal failure
  6. UA: dirty brown granular casts (muddy-brown casts)
    ATN- acute tubular necrosis
  7. UA: RBCs and RBC casts (also crescentic)
    acute glomerulonephritis
  8. UA: WBC casts (e0 also)
    acute tubulo-interstitial nephritis
  9. UA- uric acid crystals
    Intratubular urinary outflow obstuction
  10. MCC nephritic syndrome
    post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis
  11. nitrate to nitrite on urine dipstick
    • Enterobactericiae 
    • ie E. coli
  12. daily protein for a bariatric pt
    1- 1.5 g/kg of ideal body weight
  13. MCC of cystic renal dz in children 

    MCC of abdominal mass in newborns
    renal dysplasia
  14. C4d positive on IF
    acute rejection (humoral component)
  15. immature glomeruli, tubules and cartilage surrounded by loose, undifferentiated mesenchyme
    cystic renal dysplasia
  16. e0 or eosinophilic casts in the urine
    • drug induced acute interstitial nephritis
    • triad- fever, rash and arthralgia
  17. staghorn stone associated with what infection
  18. GBM splitting on LM
    Alport syndrome or membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (MPGN)
  19. uniform, diffuse thickening of capillaries
    membranous glomerulonephropathy (shows as nephrotic syndrome)
  20. Linear IgG and C3 deposits of IF
  21. GBM disruptions and fibrin deposition
  22. renal hypoplasia
    <6 pyramids
  23. interstitial fibrosis with foam cells on LM
    alport syndrome
  24. marker of acute humoral rejection and necrotizing vasculitis
  25. significant bacteruria
    >/= 100 colonies or >/= 100,000 CFU/ml
  26. lower UTI triad
    dysuria, frequency and urgency
  27. top 3 causes of papillary necroisis
    • Obstruction + pyelonephritis
    • diabetes + pyelonephritis
    • analgesic nephropathy
  28. thyroidization of tubules
    chronic pyelonephritis
  29. xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis associated with what infection
  30. blunting calyces
    chronic pyelonephritis
  31. moonshine predisposes one to what
    • chronic urate nephropathy
    • Pb from moonshine + gout
  32. angulated and tubular casts, surrounded by m0
    • light-chain cast nephropathy 
    • (can be seen with MM pts)
  33. aspirated edematous fluid the foams on shaking
    indicates exudate in that it contains protein (spec grav> 1.015)
  34. "string of pearls" on IF
    membranous GN
  35. homogenous tan tumor with central scar
  36. MC renal tumor with tuberous sclerosis
    angiomyolipoma- typically benign
  37. nephrogenic rests
    Wilms tumor (100% of bilateral)
  38. cystic mass in newborn
    renal dysplasia
  39. granular IgA, IgG, IgM and complement depostition
    • SLE nephropathy
    • aka- the full house pattern
  40. tubuloreticular body
    seen in SLE nephritis class 4
  41. Met proto-oncogene
    Heriditary papillary cn
  42. renal mass with uniform tan appearnace and little necrosis
    • Chromophobe RCC
    • **histologically, the cells will show a perinuclear halo and vesicles***
  43. benign tumor of renal collecting duct cells
  44. common incidental finding tumor of kidney
    • renal adenoma- potentially malignant
    • papillary architecture
  45. homogenous tan renal tumor with central scar
    • oncocytoma or collecting ducts
    • **abundant mtch***
  46.  MC renal tumor in tuberous sclerosis pts
    angiomyolipoma- tumor of vessels SM and fat
  47. benign fibroblastic tumor of renal medulla <5mm
    renal medullary fibroma
  48. "triphasic" (primitive tubules, glomeruli and mesenchymal elements) with large pleomorphic hyperchromatic nucleia and atypical mitosis
  49. increased risk for bladded Sq cell cn
    chronic irritation, schistosomiasis infection
  50. FeNa
    • (Una/Ucr)/(Pna/Pcr)
    • <1%= prerenal, >2%=renal
  51. Alb(ur): Cr(ur) >  30
  52. severe decrease of 1,25-OH D is seen at GFR what
    <30 ml/min
  53. globular eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusions
    Mallory bodies, a sign of acute alcoholic hepatitis
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