ch 15

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  1. upper respiratory tract consists of
    • nose
    • nasal cavities
    • pharynx
    • larynx
    • upper trachea
  2. lower respiratory tract consist of
    • lower trachea
    • lungs
    • bronchial tubes
    • alveoli
    • pleural membranes
    • diaphragm
    • intercostal muscles
  3. the nose is made of
    bone and cartilage
  4. the wo nasal cavities are within the skull and separed by what
    nasal septum
  5. what is a bony plate made of the ethmoid bone and vomer
    nasal septum
  6. what is ciliated epithelium, with goblet cells that produce mucus
    nasal mucosa
  7. What is 3 shelf-like or scroll-like bones within the nasal cavity wall called
  8. within the nasal cavity what detects vaporized chemicals that have been inhaled
    olfactory receptors
  9. what are the air cavities in the maxillae, frontal, senoid, and ethmoid bones.
    paranasal sinuses
  10. w
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