Life of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (Author of The Lady with a Dog)

  1. Chekhov was son to a _____ and his grandfather was a _______
    Son to shopkeeper and his grandfather was a serf who bought his oqwn freedom for himself and three kids
  2. Where and when was Chekhov born
    Jan. 17 1860 in Taganrog, seaport on the sea of Azov
  3. What are the names of Chekhov's parents
    Pavel Chekhov and Yevgenia
  4. At a young age what would Chekhov do?
    Work at his fathers store for long hours or go to school. First a Greek school, then later a gymnasium (local highschool)
  5. How was Chekhovs father to his children
    A bully, but still made it appoint to get a good education for them
  6. What lead to Chekhov's father, Pavel, to flee to Moscow
    He want bankrupt in 1876 and was forced to escape l;egal action
  7. What happend with Chekhov after his father went bankrupt
    He stayed in Taganrog, and paid for the rent by tutoring the tenants nephew
  8. How was he able to continue his studies in Taganrog
    He sold the families property to pay and sent also sent some money to moscow
  9. What year and why did Chekhov leave Taganrog
    in 1879 he left to study medicine in Moscow at the university
  10. How did he afford the expenses ofhis family
    He began writing and publishing short stories to periodicals in 1880
  11. What journal was he publishing in by 1883
  12. When did Chekhov began practicing medicine
    In 1884, he began treating peasants for free
  13. In 1884 he began to see signs of what disease
  14. By what year was he contributing to the New Times
  15. What was the New Times
    the largest daily newspaper of the time
  16. Who owned the New Times
    Aleksey Suvorin
  17. Recognition from whom, did what for Chekhov
    From writer Dimitri Grigorovich, inspired him to hang up the pseudonym and spend more time on his work
  18. What was Chekhov's first play
  19. What one-act comedy established his place in theater
    The Bear
  20. What long story did Chekhov publish in 1888
    The Steppe
  21. What is the name of the boy in, The Steppe
  22. What is the plot of The Steppe
    Yegorushka, his uncle and family friend travel across the steppe with wool to the Kiev market
  23. What will Yegorushka do once he gets to Kiev
    He will stay for shool
  24. During the narrative of The Steppe, how does he describe the characters and surroundings
    The characters in virtuosity and the beauty of the grassy plains
  25. In what year, and for what, did he receive the Pushkin prize in Literature
    1888 for his short stories entitled In the Twilight
  26. What changed about Chekhov's work after his release of In the Twilight
    Began to show his ability to reveal the life of characters. His pieces became better quality as he wrote longer and fewer pieces
  27. The moment in which Chekhov chose to leave his life behind, where did he travel too
    Through Siberia  to the penal colony of Sakhalin
  28. For what reason may Chekhov decided to travel to Sakhalin
    His older Nikolai's death to tuberculosis 1889
  29. Why was it hard to commute through Siberia in the 1890s and before
    This was before the Trans-Siberia railway, so they only had sledge or cart
  30. How were the conditions once Chekhov arrived in Sakhalin
    appalling with rampant prostitution, disease and alcholism
  31. Chekhov conducted a census and gathered interviews in Sakhalin for his documentary entitled _________
    The Island: A Journey to Sakhalin (1893-95) Took almost 5 years to complete
  32. What countries did Chekhov travel through before landing in Odessa
    Hong Kong, Singapore, Ceylon, sailed through Red Sea and Suez Canal
  33. Where did Chekhov travel through Europe.                        (V. Nice M-C P)
    He wrote of Venice (On a gondola, seeing Desdemona's house, homes of painters, churches. Inside them sculpture and art greater than dreams). Finishing in Nice, Monte Carlo and Paris
  34. After his travels back to Moscow he completed the work on which piece and compiled research for which other piece
    Finished The Duel, and began The Island
  35. What was his last story contributed to the New Times
    The Duel
  36. What does the story, The Duel, talk about
    Love of Laevsky and Nadyezhda who flee to Causcus to escape Nadyezhda's husband
  37. How is Laevsky's and Nadyezhda's relationship ill
    They begin to hate each other, he wants to leave while she entertains herself with other men
  38. Who is Von Koren
    A zoologist in "The Duel" who despises Laevsky for his relationship and duels him
  39. What is the result of the duel between Laevsky and Von Koren
    They both survive and Laevsky decides to be with his women. How long commitment lasts is up to the readers imagination
  40. In March of 1892, Chekhov purchased a small estate where? What does he do for the area
    In Melikhovo, he provides medical care to peasants and was vital in stopping the spread of cholera from 1892-93
  41. Because he was happy in Melikhovo, what did he produce
    His finest short fiction, and two of his best known plays: The Seagull (1896) and Uncle Vanya (1897)
  42. When was Seagull done? and of Uncle Vanya
    1896 and 1897
  43. Who did Chekhov meet while living in Melikhovo
    Lika Mizinova, a friend of his sisters who provided material for Seagull  through his affair
  44. How was the opening of Seagull? Where was it released? When would it become large 
    It was ill received in St. Petersburg but three years later at the Moscow Art Theater it became a huge success 
  45. What does the play, The Seagull, question
    The nature of Art in Drama and Fiction
  46. How does the play, The Seagull, end
    The death of playwright Konstantin, who fears his work is a failure, is dissed by his love Nina, he kills himself OFF STAGE
  47. Between what acts in the play, The Seagull, does Konstantin attempt suicide
    Acts 2 and 3
  48. What was the seagull a literal and symbolic parody of
    The symbolism of the duck in Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen's, The Wild Duck
  49. Why is Nina appalled with Konstantin? What does she later do
    He brings her a dead seagull he shot in act 2, she later arrives at Konstantin's house saying she is a seagull who deserves to be killed
  50. What is the death of the seagull an illusion too
    The death of freedom
  51. While living in Melikhovo, Chekhov would make visits where?
    Moscow and St. Petersburg, also to Tolstoys estate in Yasnaya Polyana
  52. In the winter of 1897 Chekhov was in seek of a mild climate where
    Nice, France
  53. What was going on in France in 1897
    The Dreyfus affair
  54. How was Chekhov's view on the Dreyfus affair, which defender of Dreyfus was he fond of
    He was fond of Emile Zola's defense of Dreyfus
  55. How did his relationship with Suvorin and the New Times end
    When Suvorin wrote a piece attacking the defenders of Dreyfus
  56. Who was the actress who played Masha in, The Seagull. Who did she become to Chekhov
    Olga Knipper, she became his wife
  57. After the death of Chekhov's father in 1898, where did he move
    From Melikhovo to Yalta in August 1899
  58. What was the poor business decision made by Chekhov
    He sold the rights to publisher A. F. Marx for 75,000 rubles. When published it earned far more than he recieved
  59. When did Chekhov write the Lady with a Dog
    fall of1899
  60. What play premiered at the Moscow Art Theater in October 1899
    Uncle Vanya
  61. Which play took Chekov ten months to complete, who did he travel through the Caucasus with
    Three Sisters took ten months, and he traveled with young writer Gorky
  62. What was the title of Chekhov's last play
    The Cherry Orchard
  63. What was the indifference between Stanislavsky's interpretation of The Cherry Orchard and Chekhov's
    Chekhov wrote a comedy but Stanislavsky's was that of a tragedy
  64. What is the play, The Cherry Orchard about
    A family with an estate with Cherry Orchard, they sell it to pay debts. On the last day the owner, Lyubov Ranevskaya throws a party. 
  65. Who owns the estate in, The Cherry Orchard? Who buys the estate
    Lyubov Ranevskaya, it is bought by local merchant Lopakhin
  66. What is heard offstage in, The Cherry Orchard? What does this mean
    Axes cutting the cherry trees. It is the ending of a way of life
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