marriage & family test 2

  1. Earl has married a woman who is very much like him in many ways. Like many americans, his choice fits a pattern known as
  2. Hooking up refers to
    sex without strings
  3. Women report that they prefer men who use innocuous opening lines when metting them for the first time. Which of the following is an example of an innocuous opening line?
    Are you a student here?
  4. Reiss referred to the feeling between two individuals that understand each other in some special way as
  5. Relationships, like wheels, can spin in reverse, as well as foward. This means that we
    can fall out of love
  6. According to John Lee, the type of love that is chaste, patient & understanding is 
  7. According to Steinberg's triangular theory of love, when only intimacy is present, the person experiences
  8. Empty love consists of 
    decisions and/or commitment only
  9. Which of the follwing is true?
    Many men say "i love you" to increase the likelihood that their partner will agree to have sex with them.
  10. An infant who shows seperation anxiety when the mother leaves has developed a/an ____ attachment style.
  11. Adults with ___ attachment style fell discomfort in being close to others
  12. When choosing someone to date, 
    people generally stick with people who are about as attractive as they are
  13. Factors affecting committment include all the follwing EXCEPT
    love alone
  14. Which of the following is NOT a central attribute of love?
    constructive criticism
  15. A studet who has an intense crush on a married professor despite the fact that there is absolutely no chance that the love will ever be reciprocated is exhibiting which style of unrequited love?
  16. Brittany is jealous because she has just discovered that her husband has been having an affair. Brittany is experiening ___ jealousy.
  17. Which of the following statements regarding sex differences and jealousy is true?
    gender differences in jealousy have been found in the US, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Sweden
  18. The disappearance (or transformation) of ___ love is often experiened as a crisis in a relationship
  19. Romantic love may be highest during the early years of marriage but later declines. It begins to increase again
    as children leave home
  20. All of the following are perpheral characteristics of love EXCEPT
    acceptance of the other the way he or she is
  21. T or F. The styles of love identified by John Lee virtually hold constant throughout an individual's lifetime.
  22. T or F. Appearance and social status are important considerations in the choice of romantic friends
  23. T or F. Relationships aremuch more enriching & as a result more lasting if the 2 individuals involved do not have thesame love style.
  24. T or F. The triangular theory of love is composed of intimacy, passion, & decision/committment
  25. T or F. The attachment theory of love maintains that the degree and quality of attachments we experience in early life influence our later relationships.
  26. T or F. "Falling in love" is unique to american culture
  27. T or F. The double standard of aging refers to the older male's loss of sexual ability & the older female's increase in sexual responsiveness
  28. T or F. Men expect more sexual intimacy on the first date if the woman initiated the date.
  29. T or F. The Cyrano style of unrequited love refers to the misperception that a relationship is more likely to develop than it actually is
  30. T or F. Jealousy proves that a person loves you
  31. T or F. Women feel especially vulnerable losing their partner to a physically attractive rival.
  32. T or F. Companionate love begins as romantic love but is transformed when passion wanes & intimacy increases. 
  33. T or F. African american couplesdisplay more affection in public than caucasian couples
  34. T or F. Most studies suggest that marital satisfaction proceeds along a U shaped curve.
  35. T or F. Unattractive people are perceived to be more sensitive, sexually responsive, poised, and outgoing than others.
  36. To be intimate entails ___, the sharing of both facts of our lives and our deeper feelings
    Self disclosure
  37. Schwartz conceptualized ___ as a relationship built upon principles of equity and equality & deep friendship
    Peer marriage
  38. When boys do not have a nurturing ___, their emotional expressiveness is inhibited
  39. Managing jealousy requires the ability to ___ the recognition of each partner of the feelings and motivations of the other, and a willingness to reciprocate and compromise 
  40. According to the text, children learn a great deal about sexuality from
  41. Existing research indicates that most parent child discussion about sex is really
    mother daughter
  42. Existing research suggests that "Teen focused magazines"
    encourage young women to be sexually provacative in their demeanor
  43. The traditional female sexual script includes all of the following assumptions EXCEPT
    there are many right ways to experience orgasm
  44. As we get older, ___ become the most important source of modifying traditional sexual scripts.
    sexual partners
  45. The earlier the age at which we first experience sexual intercourse
    the less likely it is that the experience was wanted
  46. Which group of americans has the lowest incidence of gonorrhea?
  47. ___ are more likely to be worried about negative outcomes of their first experience of intercourse
  48. Max is terrified of gay men & lesbians. This illustrates
  49. In his 2005 study of bias related victimization of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, Gregory Herek found that
    49% had been verbally abused
  50. Which of the following is NOT an identified reason associated with a celibate marriage?
    dislike of the spouse
  51. As adults approach their 50s
    men fear the loss of their sexuality capacity and women fear the loss of their attractiveness
  52. Among american women, sexual responsiveness continues to grow from adolescence until it reaches its peak in the
    late 30s or early 40s
  53. Men's physical responsiveness is greatest in
    late adolescence or early adulthood
  54. All of the following are true statements regarding sexual fantasies EXCEPT
    most people freely discuss their fantasies
  55. Autoeroticism includes all of the following EXCEPT
    sexual intercourse
  56. Fellatio is
    oral stimulation of a man's penis
  57. Sexual activities involving the anus are known as
    anus erotomania
  58. Extramarital sex
    is still frowned on in US society
  59. Sexual responsibility includes which of the following?
    revealing to the other person whether your intent is recreation or love & committment
  60. T or F. According to traditional male sexual scripts, whether the woman has an orgasm is not important.
  61. T or F. In traditional female sexual scripts, women have a passive role
  62. T or F. Many young people first become sexually active as a result of pressure or force.
  63. T or F. Morality is NOT a reason why some young people practice abstinence.
  64. T or F. When silence surrounds sexuality, it suggests that one of the most important dimensions of life is off limits.
  65. T or F. Menopause is a sudden event.
  66. T or F. Masturbation can be a form of emotional protection.
  67. T or F. Among couples, cross culturally, kissing a person other than the partner evokes jealousy.
  68. T or F. Cunnilingus is the erotic stimulation of a woman's vulva by her partner's mouth
  69. T or F. The male's insertion of his erect penis into his partner's anus is known as anal intercourse
  70. T or F. Respondents in surveys researching sexual matters are susceptible to exaggeration or understatement, making reliable research difficult to obtain
  71. T or F. After age 50, couples have sex about once a month or less.
  72. T or F. Not all extramarital involvements are sexual.
  73. T or F. A good way to avoid becoming infected with STDs is to use a condom.
  74. T or F. Among males, hormone deficiencies and neurological disorders are the two leading physical causes of erectile dysfunctions. 
  75. ___ almost always precedes gay or lesbian activity by several years.
  76. ___ is the term for painful intercourse
  77. ___ involves nongenital touching & caressing
  78. The majority of extramarital sexual involvements are ___.
  79. Sexual responsibility includes acceptance of the ___ of sexual behavior
  80. Markham found that negativity or positivity of a couple's communication pattern had little impact on their marital satisfaction during the first year due to
    honeymoon effect
  81. All of the following statements are true regarding gender differences in communication EXCEPT
    husbands tend to set the emotional tone of an arguement
  82. All of the following are important functions of nonverbal communication in marriage EXCEPT
    solving conflict
  83. Which of the following is true about touch?
    men touch more than women
  84. Tom and Katie have been married less than a year. Even if they get angry and say mean things to each other it probably will not seriously affect their marriage because of
    the honeymoon effect
  85. The belief in the reliability and integrity of a person is
  86. To have a satisfying sexual relationship, a couple must be able to communicate effectively about
  87. All of the following are guidelines for engaging in dialogue and feedback with your partner EXCEPT
    focus feeback on inferences or judgements rather than on observations
  88. Which of the following is NOT true of the typical female communication pattern?
    they occupy, claim & control more space than men
  89. Jill has been offered a job in another state. She wants to accept the job and move, but her husband Tim does not want to move. This illustrates a
    nonbasic conflict
  90. Allan has the ability to influence other people and groups. This illustrates
  91. Jeff and Lauren have been married for two years. Jeff's mother was a stay at home mom while he was growing up and now that Lauren is pregnant, he has told her that he wants her to quit her job. Jeff is being influenced by
    his marital paradigm
  92. Which of the following is NOT  a communication of behavior of happily married couples?
  93. ___ uses "final say" in decision making as an indicator of relative power.
    resource theory of power
  94. ___ explains power in terms of the individual's involvement and needs in the relationship.
    relative love and need theory
  95. Renee married Bill on the rebound. He very much wants the marriage to work; she is still in love with someone else. Which explanation of marital power would most likely apply to this couple?
    the principle of least interest
  96. Resource theory fails to explain
    the power men continue to enjoy when they are outearned by their wives
  97. A prominent type of marital communcation is referred to as ___, a pattern in which one spouse makes an effort to engage the other spouse in a discussion of some issue of importance but the other spouse either leaves the discussion, fails to reply, or changes the subject
    demand-withdrawal communication
  98. Which of the following is true about forgiveness?
    forgiveness is associated with marital longevity
  99. Marital conflict has an effect on
    mental & physical health, & familial and child well being(all of the above)
  100. T or F. When 2 people are together and aware of each other it is impossible not to communicate
  101. T or F. Husbands send clearer messages to their wives than wifes send to their husbands
  102. T or F. When a person is only 2 feet away from you, he is in your intimate zone.
  103. T or F. Couples with the greatest degree of agreement have the greatest eye contact with each other.
  104. T or F. Self disclosure before or soon after marriage is related to relationship satisfaction later.
  105. T or F. The degree of trust in a relationship influences the interpretation of ambiguous messages.
  106. T or F. We are aware of the power aspects of our relationships most of the time.
  107. T or F. Power processes are the "interactional tecniques" or method partners or spouses use to try to gain control over the relationship, the partner, or both.
  108. T or F. Its not possible for a couple to change a long standing power imbalance.
  109. T or F. Couples who live together before marriage are more likely to seperate and divorce.
  110. T or F. In couple conflicts, anxious or ambivalent adults are more likely to compromise than secure adults.
  111. T or F. By withholding sex, women gain a certain degree of power.
  112. T or F. If a couple has no overt conflict over the allocation of tasks & time, then conflict over these issues does not exist.
  113. T or F. The ability to forgive relatively minor transgression does not automatically guarantee forgiveness of more major transgression.
  114. The ___ means you can say almost anything during the first year of marriage & it will not seriously affect the marriage.
    honeymoon effect
  115. The problem with power imbalances and the blatant use of power is the negative effects they have on
  116. A critical element in communication is
  117. Experts advise ___ when communication is hostile, conflict goes unresolved, individuals cannot resolve their differences &/or a partner is thinking about leaving
  118. Assertiveness refers to attempts to satisfy our own concerns; ___ speaks to satisfy concerns of others.
  119. All of the following are true regarding African Americans EXCEPT
    they prefer to marry at a younger age than the age preferred by whites
  120. Which of the following is a factor keeping low income unmarried parents from marrying?
    They have financial concerns
  121. Lynn is marrying for reasons of self fulfillment and personal growth. This is an example of ___ marriage.
  122. ___ is described by Spaht as the "hallmark of marriage" and the essence that distinguishes marriage from "mere cohabitation".
    fidelity or sexual exculsivity
  123. The ___ model of legal marriage has at its core a view of marriage defined as "child centered" b/c it stresses the importance of "sustaining enduring bonds between women & men in order to give a baby its mother & father, to bond them to one another & to a baby."
  124. All of the following are benefits enjoyed by married couples EXCEPT
    less likely to file bankruptcy
  125. All of the following are true regarding parental divorce EXCEPT
    it increases the chance that a person's first marriage will last less than 1 year
  126. Premarital factors which researchers have found to predict later marital happiness and satisfaction include all of the following EXCEPT
    living at least several hours away from family of orientation
  127. Which of the following is a factor associated with choosing to marry in the teen years or early 20s?
    having parents who married young
  128. Social and psychological issues that typically need to be dealt with during engagement include all of the following except
    identity bargaining
  129. The research on cohabitants who marry is
    fairly pessimistic
  130. The ___ refers to the accumulation over time of various factors such as unresolved conflicts, poor communication, grievances, role overload, heavy work schedules, & childrearing responsibilities that might cause marital disenchantment.
    duration of marriage effect
  131. Marital adjustment tasks include all of the following except
    learning to seek emotional support from friends
  132. Jennifer is 23 & recently divorced. B/c of financial poblems she has moved back in with her parents. This is an example of the
    boomerang generation
  133. Rick and Jenny have been married for 3 months. Both have good jobs. Jenny wants to use all their extra money o pay off student loans. Rick wants to buy a new car. Which station of marriage are they involved in?
    economic marriage
  134. All of the following are among the most important factors affecting middle aged & older couples EXCEPT
  135. Which of the following is NOT one of the assumptions associated with husband and wife responsibilities in traditional legal marriage?
    husband and wife are both involved in childcare
  136. In general, the qualiy of a marital relationship appears to
    show continuity over the years
  137. ___ begin with high levels of emotional intensity that over time have dwindled
    devitalized marriages
  138. Which of the following is true about the provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act?
    the federal government gave each state in which same-sex marriage is illegal the right to ignore such marriages performed in other states.
  139. T or F. Marriage is no longer highly valued in US society
  140. T or F. Among white women without college degrees, the prospect of marrying has decreased.
  141. T or F. Jews are less likely than Catholics, moderate & conservative Protestants, & Mormons to delay their entry into marriage
  142. T or F. The close relationship model of legal marriage see marriage "as one in a universe of diverse, close, private relationships, with intrinsic emotional, psychological & sexual dimensions".
  143. T or F. Length of courtship has no relation to marital happiness
  144. T or F. It is better to choose dating & marriage partners who have personality characteristics that are opposite from your own so that your personalities complement each other
  145. T or F. Engagements currently average between 18 & 24 months
  146. T or F. The honeymoon tradition can be traced back to a pagan custom ensuring fertility
  147. T or F. Community marriage refers to the changes in social relstionships & social network that accompany the shift in priorities & identity 
  148. T or F. Identity bargaining is a 3 step process
  149. T or F. Financial dependence keeps the new family created by marriage tied to the family of orientation
  150. T or F. The moral committment to marriage results from pressure put on by others to stay in a marriage
  151. T or F. Most parents make the transition to an empty nest reasonably well.
  152. T or F. Today widowhood is rarely associated with a significant decline in income
  153. T or F. A marriage of convenience is an example of the passive-congenial marriage relationship
  154. The ______ refers to the "weakening of the social norms that define people's behavior in a social institution such as marriage"
    deinstitutionalization of marriage
  155. The ___ marriage refers to the changes induced in marriage relationships by the arrival of children
  156. The interactional process of role adjustment is called
    identity bargaining
  157. Although they are not marriages, ___ are officially entered & offer same sex couples the same rights & protections as marriage
    civil unions
  158. ___ marriages are relationships in which the tension, arguing & conflict permiate the relationship
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