Business Communication Ch 6

  1. What are neutral or positive messages?
    routine message topics. i.e. email of a minor policy change, customer calls for product info, a manager compliments an employee. Can be internal or external and come in any form of communication
  2. Direct organizational plan
    A plan in which the major purpose of the message is communicated first, followed by any needed explanation and details. Conveying Neutral or Positive Messages
  3. Indirect organizational plan
    A plan in which the reasons or rationale are presented first, followed by the major idea.
  4. How to organize a neutral message?
    Major idea first, explanation and details, friendly closing
  5. How should the major idea be written?
    Use a direct question, polite request, or statement to resent you request. Do not ask more questions than are necessary. Make the questions easy to answer.
  6. How do you write the explanation and details portion of a neutral message?
    Explain why your making the request. If possible, show how others benefit from your receiving the requested info.
  7. How do you do a friendly closing for a neutral message?
    Close on a friendly note. Express appreciation, and justify deadlines. Offer to reciprocate. Make specific/to purpose and original
  8. When do you use IM msgs for neutral messages?
    for simple requests and info. need a fast response. Longer msgs uses email. avoid for personal or confidential info. overuse will damage credibitiy.
  9. How to respond to a neutral msg?
    Respond promplty so the info will arrive in time to be used. within 24 expected. twitter within an hour or two.
  10. Goodwill message
    A message that is sent out of a sense of kindness. No true business objective, conveys congrats, appreciation or sympathy.Recogintion notes, congratulatory notes, thank yous, sympathy notes
  11. What are the guidelines for goodwill messages?
    Be prompt, be direct, be specific, be sincere, be brief
  12. Aggregator
    A program that collects online information from multiple sources and distributes it through one site.
  13. Google Alert
    An email update provided by Google when online content matches the user’s predefined search terms.
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Business Communication Ch 6
Business Communication Ch 6