bio test 2

  1. The mechanism of enzyme action is
    to lower the energy of activation of a reaction
  2. The molecule most directly involved in energy transfer within cells is
  3. The diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane is called
  4. Which component of the following reaction is the enzyme?sucrose + sucrase + water → sucrase + glucose + fructose
    remember most end in ase so Sucrase
  5. Anything that prevents ATP formation will most likely
    result in cell death
  6. ______ is to eating as ______ is to drinking
    Phagocytosis . . . pinocytosis
  7. Calories are units of
  8. an example of osmosis
    the movement of a drink of water eventually into the cells lining the small intestine
  9. A nursing infant is able to obtain disease-fighting antibodies, which are large protein molecules, from its mother's milk. These molecules probably enter the cells lining the baby's digestive tract via
  10. A kilocalorie is equal to
    1000 calories
  11. A cell that neither gains nor loses water when it is immersed in a solution is
    isotonic to its environment
  12. The sum total of all the chemical reactions that occur in organisms is called
  13. In osmosis, water always moves toward the _____ solution, that is, toward the solution with the _____ solute concentration
    hypertonic ... greater
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