1. what is "nurture" in development?
    the environment that we live in
  2. 3 stages to prenatal development
    • Germinal
    • Emryo
    • Fetus
  3. The Germinal period starts when a _______ is formed and ends when the ______ implants in the uterus. 0-2 weeks
    • zygote
    • blastocyst
  4. At what stage of prenatal development do the organs develop?
  5. At what stage of development is life most vulnerable?
    Embryo (3-8 weeks)
  6. at what stage does the muscular and skeletal systems form?
    Fetus stage (9-40 weeks)
  7. the stage of the most rapid growth?
    The fetus stage
  8. Organs begin to function in the fetus stage between ________ weeks
    The fetus stage is between 9-40 weeks
  9. This substance can be anything that harms the fetus
  10. this substance has the most severe and has the most impact on the developing fetus
  11. this definition describes the growth of a baby: the head grows faster than the torso and the feet
  12. this term decribes how the baby growth is fater in the torse than in the limbs
  13. two patterns of development in babies
    • cephalocaudal
    • proximodistal
  14. this is the least developed sense at birth
    vision (near perfect in 7-8 months)
  15. these 3 senses are highly developed at birth
    • Taste
    • Smell
    • Touch
  16. Reflexs do not require concious thought: babinski
    stroke infants foot - toes spread
  17. How children learn: what is a schema
    mental structures we use to organize existing schema
  18. list the 4 stages of  Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development
    • sensimotor
    • preoperational
    • concrete operational
    • formal operational
  19. in terms of attachment, babies are 60% ________ attached.
    securely attcahed
  20. 3 limitations in preoperational thinking (2-7yrs)
    • irreversibility
    • egocentrism
    • lack conservation
  21. A problem with Piaget’s theory of Cognitive Development 
    • does not consider THEORY OF MIND
    • use the false-belief test
    • confirmes kids can take perspective of others earlier than Piaget said
  22. 3 stages of Kohlbergs Theory of Moral Development
    • Pre-conventional
    • conventional
    • post-conventional
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