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    • 반갑습니다
    • Pleased to meet you
  1. 오래간만입니다
    Long time no see
  2. 갑시다
    Let's go
  3. Noun+좋아합니다
    I like ...
  4. 어떻게 지냈어요
    How have u been?
  5. 어디갑니까
    Where are you going?
  6. 들어오세요
    Please come in
  7. 앉으세요
    Please sit down
  8. 얼마입니까?
    How much is it?
  9. 감사합니다
    Thank you
  10. 당신 이른이 무엇입니까?
    What is your name?
  11. 제이름이 whitney 입니다
    My name is whitney
  12. 이것이 무엇입니까?
    What is this?
  13. 다시 말해주세요
    Please say it again
  14. 전전히 말해주세요
    Please speak slowly
  15. 영어 할줄입니까?
    Can you speak english?
  16. 실례합니다
    Excuse me
  17. 또봅시다
    See you again
  18. Noun+어디 있읍니까?
    There is the...?
  19. Noun+원하니다
    I want a...
  20. 가고 싶습니다
    I want to go.
  21. Noun+먹고 싶습니다
    I want to eat...
  22. Noun+사고 싶습니다
    I want to buy
  23. 저는 피곤합니다
    I'm tired
  24. 저는 배고픕니다
    I'm hungry
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