1. What are a Station Officers OHSW responsibilities on station?
    • Keeping records of safety training provided to personnel.
    • Identify foreseeable risks and implement control measures.
    • Ensure all near misses and incidents are reported, investigated and records maintained.
    • Implement MFS Safety Management System.
  2. What does the MFS Safety Management System (SMS) cover?
    • Maintenance of equipment.
    • Safe working guidelines.
    • Training of staff.
    • Inspections.
    • Fault reporting.
    • Risk assessments.
    • Internal auditing.
  3. Define Sectorising?
    A standard system used to divide or break an incident into manageable portions through the formation of logical sub-command groups defined by either function or location.
  4. What are the responsibilities of the Control Agency in resolving an emergency?
    • Take control of the response to the emergency (including the appointment of an incident controller and management structure).
    • Ensure a safe working environment and safe systems of work.
    • Ensure effective liaison, communication and cooperation with all involved.
    • Continually assess the situation, identify risks and share information with all involved.
    • Develop and share plans and strategies that meet the requirements of all agencies responding to the emergency (Incident Action Plan).
    • Implement and monitor the Incident Action Plan.
    • Ensure the effective allocation and use of available resources.
    • Ensure the public is adequately informed and warned so as to enhance community resilience.
    • Facilitate the investigation of the emergency and review of response activities.
    • Ensure transition from response to recovery, including the coordinated handover to the sate recovery arrangement.
  5. Control Agency Aircraft accident?
    SAPOL unless fire or entrapment.
  6. Control Agency Animal, plant & marine disease?
    Department of Primary Industries and Resources.
  7. Control Agency Bomb threat?
  8. Control Agency Earthquake?
    SAPOL unless fire or entrapment.
  9. Control Agency Fire?
    CFS or MFS
  10. Control Agency Flood?
  11. Control Agency Food/drinking water contamination?
    Dept of Health
  12. Control Agency Information & Communication technology failure?
    Dept of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure.
  13. Control Agency Fuel, Gas & Electricity shortages?
    Dept of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure.
  14. Control Agency Hazardous or dangerous materials emergencies?
    CFS or MFS
  15. Control Agency Siege/hostage?
  16. Control Agency Human epidemic?
    Dept of Health.
  17. Control Agency Marine transport accident?
    SAPOL unless fire or entrapment.
  18. Control Agency Oil Spills?
    Dept of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure.
  19. Control Agency Rail Accident?
    SAPOL unless fire or entrapment.
  20. Control Agency Road/transport accident?
    SAPOL unless fire or entrapment.
  21. Control Agency Search & Rescue?
  22. Control Agency Search & Rescue – Structure (USAR)?
    MFS or CFS
  23. Control Agency Severe Weather?
  24. Control Agency Terrorism?
  25. What are the 6 parts of MFS Employee Support Programs?
    • Employee Assistance Program provided by Cognition.
    • Absence Contact Program for greater than 28 day absence.
    • Family Contact during deployments.
    • Chaplain.
    • Critical Incident follow up by ESC.
    • On Scene Support at protracted incidents for staff or community.
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