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  1. what is the controlling force behing mass wasting
  2. name 4 of the controls and triggers of mass wasting
    • Oversteepened slopes
    • water content of the soil
    • Removal of vegetation
    • Earthquakes/volcanoes
  3. What do you call the steepest angle that a slope can maintain without collapsing
    Angle of Repose
  4. What are the fast mass wasting movements
    Rock fall, rockslide, mudflow, debris flow, ash flow, lahar and Slump. you just need to know a couple of these.
  5. what are the 2 slow mass wasting movements and Xplain them
    • Creep: curved trees
    • Solifluction(soil flow): in arctic or tundra regions
  6. where are headwaters?
    near the top of mountains where the tributaries are
  7. where is the mouth of a river
    the lowest point, usually going to ocean
  8. define drainage basin
    the area drained by a river
  9. define drainage divides
    top o mountains where drainage basins are formed
  10. what is sea level referred to as
    Ultimate Base Level
  11. what 4 factors influence a stream's ability to erode and transport
    • Velocity(most important)
    • Gradient
    • Discharge or volume
    • Size,shape and roughness
  12. what type of running water erodes the more
    faster more than slow
  13. what are the two alluvium deposits called
    • Delta in the water
    • Alluvial fans on the land
  14. what is the active porcesses that make valleys
    Downcutting, rapids, waterfalls
  15. what are 6 signs of old age valleys
    • they are fricken wide
    • flood plains
    • meander bends
    • cut anks
    • point bars
    • ox bow lakes and natural levees
  16. what is the uplift of land after a meander pattern called
    entrenched or incised meanders(goosenecks)
  17. define porosity
    the percentage of rock conissting of pore space
  18. define permeability
    ability/capacity to transmit fluid
  19. what is an aquitard
    an impermeable layer(shale works best)
  20. what is aquifer
    the permeable layer(sandstone makews best)
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