Jazz History

  1. Who is Lester Young?
    One of the five most influencial saxophonists (tenor) in Jazz history. Young offered a clear alternative to the complicated style of Hawkins.
  2. Who is Coleman Hawkins?
    Prior to Lester Young, Hawkins was one of the most famous tenor sax players there was. Known for his big sound with a bit of "fuzz".
  3. Who is Charlie Parker?
    Many consider him the most important sax player in Jazz history. influenced by Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, and Art Tatum he built an entire system by his improv and compositions. Founder of bebop.
  4. Who is Roy Eldridge?
    One of the most advanced improvisors of the swing era. Influenced by Armstrong and linking the gap 'tween him and Dizzy. Famous for demonstrating that long, sinewy lines are possible on trumpet.
  5. Who is Dizzy Gilllespie?
    After Eldridge, Dizzy appeared. Innovative melodic concepts & higher-register playing on the trumpet were phenomenal for the 40s'. Known for puffing his cheeks out when he played, giving him a unique sound.
  6. Who is Art Tatum?
    A pianist known for his impressive speed and impecable accuracy. His impact on jazz was enormous, the fast lines and added chords were absorbed by sax players Don Byas and Charlie Parker and by pianists Bud Powell and Lenny Tristano.
  7. Who is Max Roach?
    A drummer who played with Ellington and was on the first bebop recording with Dizzy and Hawkins, and in 45' became Parker's drummer. Roach got the chanc to play with the "big boys" at 16 yrs old because their drummer was drafted at the time.
  8. Who is Stan Getz?
    A distinctive tenor sax player who was inspired by Lester Young, though he seems more influenced by classical music. He tends to be more cateogorized as "cool Jazz" than bebop. He plays with  a NY style.
  9. Who is J.J. Johnson?
    First master of trombone bebop. Played with Benny Carter, Count Bassie & Lester Leap. Inspirations include Tommy Dorsie, Jack Teagarden, Fred Beckett and Bill Harris.

    "Freed the trombone from the tyrany of the slide."
  10. Who is Fats Navaro?
    A trumpet player whos main inspiration were: Dizzy Gillespie, Harry James, Roy Eldridge, and Charlie Shavers. Fats took things from other musicians and made the first real bebop, he didn't grow up in the swing era like the other muscians. 
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