Latin Derivatives

  1. Bibulous
    bibit, fond or addicted to drink
  2. canine
    canis, of or relating to a dog
  3. culinary
    culina, of, pertaining to, or used in cooking in the kitchen
  4. describe
    scribit, to tell or depict in written words
  5. deviate
    via to stray from the chosen path
  6. imbibe
    bibit, to consume by drinking, or to drink
  7. maternal
    mater, of, pertaining to, or having the qualities of a mother
  8. paternity
    pater, the state of being a father, fatherhood
  9. scribe
    scribit, a person who's duty is to copy written words by hand.
  10. script
    the letters or characters used in writing
  11. sedate
    sedet, calm, quiet, or composed; undisturbed by a passion or excitement
  12. servile
    servus, characteristic of, proper to, or customary for slaves
  13. servitude
    servuc, slavery or bondage of any kind
  14. subscribe
    scribit, to pledge as by signing an agreement, to give or pay as a contribution, gift, or investment.
  15. via
    via, a route that thouches or passes through, by way of.
  16. Import
    Portat, to bring in from the outside or another country
  17. inaudible
    audit, something that cannot be heard
  18. ancillary
    ancilla, subordinate; that which serves as an aid; helping
  19. impecunious
    pecunia, not having money
  20. disgust
    gustat, a sickening distaste or dislike; deep aversion.
  21. amicable
    amicus, friendly
  22. vituperate
    vituperat, to speak abusively to or about someone; to berate
  23. laudatory
    laudet, expressing praise
  24. respond
    respondet, to answer
  25. revoke
    vocat, to withdraw, repeal, calcel, annul.
  26. suave
    suaviter, smoothly gracious or polite; polished.
  27. recumbent
    recumbit, lying down, reclining, leaning
  28. pecuniary
    pecunia, of or involving money
  29. canine
    canis, of or like a dog
  30. delectable
    delectat, very pleasing, delightful; now especially, pleasing to the taste
  31. incumbent
    recumbit, lying, resting. currently in office. resting upon as a duty or obligation.
  32. enumerate
    numerat, to list, count; determine the number
  33. recant
    cantat - to withdraw or renounce beliefs or statements formerly held
  34. salutation
    salutat - the act of greeting, addressing, welcoming
  35. innumerable
    numerat - too numerous to be counted; very many
  36. gustatory
    gustat, of or pertaining to taste or tasting.
  37. laudable
    laudet, deserving of praise
  38. vinous
    vinum, of, resembling to, or containing wine
  39. servile
    servus, slavishly submissive
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