Bat Loves the Night

  1. blanketed
    If an area is blanketed in fog or snow, it is covered.
  2. surrounded
    The area around you is your surroundings.
  3. nocturnal
    An animal that is nocturnal sleeps during the day and is active at night.
  4. effort
    When you work hard, you use effort.
  5. dozes
    Someone who dozes takes short naps. 
  6. swoops
    When something swoops, it dives or dips downward.
  7. detail
    A detail is a small piece of information that is part of a larger whole.
  8. fluttering
    When something moves through the air lightly and quickly, it is fluttering.
  9. plummet
    If you drop suddenly from a great height, you plummet.
  10. inverted
    Something that is turned upside-down or inside-out is inverted.
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Bat Loves the Night
Bat Loves the Night