Antarctic ice

  1. conserved
    If something is rare and important, it should be conserved, or kept carefully.
  2. strict
    If you are stern and demand obedience, you are strict
  3. absence
    An absence means that something or someone is not present.
  4. shelters
    Something that shelters you protects you and keeps you safe.
  5. permanently
    If something stays one way forever, it stays that way permanently.
  6. drifts
    When something drifts, it moves along without direction
  7. scarce
    Something is scarce if there is not much of it to be found. 
  8. dim
    It is dim when there is not much light. 
  9. harsh
    If something is hard to stand up to, like a blizzard, it is harsh.
  10. bleak
    If something is cold and gloomy, it is bleak
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Antarctic ice
Antarctic ice