Backstage with Chris and Casey

  1. tragic
    A tragic event is something that is both sad and horrible.
  2. limp
    When something is limp, it is too weak to move or support itself.
  3. versions
    If there are different versions of a story, the story is told in different ways.
  4. rehearse
    To rehearse is to practice for a performance.
  5. mandatory
    Something that is mandatory is required. 
  6. criticize
    When you criticize something, you tell what you think is wrong with it.
  7. immerse
    To immerse oneself is to become very involved in something. 
  8. dialogue
    Conversation between people is called dialogue. 
  9. camaraderie
    People have camaraderie when they are comfortable with each other and spend a lot of time together.
  10. flawless
    If a performance is flawless, there are no mistakes in it.
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Backstage with Chris and Casey
Backstage with Chris and Casey