Me and Uncle Romie

  1. dull
    When something is not shiny, it is dull. 
  2. towers
    Something that is very tall towers over shorter things.
  3. glorious
    If something is so wonderful that you can hardly believe it, it is glorious.
  4. memory
    A memory is something you remember. 
  5. ruined
    If something is ruined, it is no longer any good. 
  6. streak
    To streak is to move very quickly from one place to another.
  7. crept
    If you crept, you moved slowly and carefully so that you wouldn’t be seen or heard.
  8. yanked
    If you yanked something, you gave it a quick, hard pull
  9. masterpiece
    A great piece of art can be called a masterpiece
  10. heritage
    Memories and traditions of your family’s past are part of your heritage.
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Me and Uncle Romie
Me and Uncle Romie