One Small Place in a Tree

  1. sprout
    When something sprouts, it begins to grow.
  2. damp
    If something is damp, it is a little bit wet.
  3. suppose
    When you suppose something, you think it is true.
  4. roost
    Birds roost, or perch, when they sleep in trees at night.
  5. spears
    If something spears something, he or she sticks something sharp through it.
  6. strikes
    If something strikes something else, it hits it. 
  7. glimpse
    When you get a glimpse of something, you get only a quick peek at it. 
  8. maze
    A maze is a winding set of paths that is like a puzzle.
  9. transformation
    If someone or something has gone through a transformation, it has been changed.
  10. harmony
    If two things are living in harmony, they are in agreement, living peacefully.
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One Small Place in a Tree
One Small Place in a Tree