A Pen Pal for Max

  1. deciphered
    If you have figured out a message that is difficult to understand or that is written in code, then you have deciphered it.
  2. mistaken
    If you are wrong about something, you are mistaken.
  3. translate
    If you translate something, you say or write it in another language. 
  4. repairs
    When something needs repairs, it needs to be fixed.
  5. heaving
    Heaving is throwing something heavy with great effort.
  6. bothersome
    When something is bothersome, it bothers you and causes problems.
  7. din
    If there is a din, there is so much noise that it is hard to hear anything over it.
  8. dodging
    When you are dodging something, you avoid something that is coming toward you.
  9. catastrophe
    A catastrophe is something really terrible that has happened. 
  10. fortunate
    If you are fortunate, you are very lucky.
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