Floral Quiz #2

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    Narcissus; daffodil

    Solitary flower, named for the youth of Greek mythology who was arrogant and fell in love with his own reflection
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    Tulipa; tulip

    solitary flower, from the Turkish word tulband=turban
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    Iris; Dutch iris

    6 petals (3 upright and 3 downward), named for the Greek goddess of the rainbow
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    Ranunculus; Persian buttercup

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    Helianthus; sunflower

    head flower with disc and ray florets; from Greek words helios=sun, and anthos=flower
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    Lilium; lily

    anthers (pollen) should be removed to prevent staining
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    Alstroemeria; Peruvian lily, Inca lily, or alstro

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    Eustoma; lisianthus

    from the Greek words leukos=white and sperma=seed for the white coating on black seeds
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    Matthiola; stock

  10. Image Upload 10
    Anthurium; tail flower, anthurium (spadix surrounded by a spath)

    • anthos=flower
    • oura=tail
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    Strelitzia; bird of paradise
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    Alpinia; ginger, torch ginger
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    Protea; protea
  14. Image Upload 14
    Leucospermum; pincushion protea 

    leukos=white, sperma=seed
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    Heliconia; lobster claw
  16. Image Upload 16
    Aspidistra; cast iron plant(all green), striped cast iron plant(variegated stripes)
  17. d
    Cordyline; ti leaf
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    Monstera; Swiss cheese plant, split-leaf philodendron
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    Galax; galax
  20. Image Upload 19
    Equisetum; horsetail, snake grass
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