The Babe and I

  1. skim
    If a boat moves swiftly over the water, it skims the surface.
  2. span
    If the bridge spans meet, they come together. 
  3. shabby
    Shabby things look old and worn out.
  4. embarrass
    If you embarrass someone, you make that person feel uncomfortable or ashamed.
  5. midst
    If you are in the midst of something, you are in the middle of it. 
  6. elevated
    Something that is elevated is lifted up.
  7. dazed
    If you are dazed, you are confused and cannot think properly
  8. collapses
    When something collapses, it falls down because it is not well supported.
  9. contribution
    If you help your family reach its goal, you make a contribution to your family.
  10. initiative
    When you take initiative, you make the first step in doing something.
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