Ellen Ochoa, astronaut

  1. persevere
    You persevere when you keep trying to do something without giving up.
  2. confidence
    If you are sure that everything will work out, you have confidence.
  3. talented
    A talented person has the special ability to do something very well.
  4. apply
    When you apply for a job, you are asking for work.
  5. research
    Research involves getting information about a question or topic. 
  6. invention
    An invention is something completely new that someone has made. 
  7. hinder
    When you hinder someone, you make it difficult or impossible for them to do something.
  8. disappointed
    You are disappointed if you are unhappy about the way something turns out.
  9. ambitious
    An ambitious person is eager to reach a goal.
  10. attain
    When you reach a goal, you attain it. 
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