Engine Systems

  1. Thrust rating of the engine
    5,527 lbs
  2. N1 RPM above which the EGT/RPM warning illuminates?
    112.4 +/- 1%
  3. Max N2 RPM at MRT
  4. Max N2 RPM for transient accelerations
    106% (page 4-2)
  5. Max continuous N2 RPM
  6. N2 RPM not to be exceeded in manuel fuel control in order to prevent N1 overspeed below 20,000 ft
  7. N2 RPM not to be exceeded in manuel fuel control in order to prevent N1 overspeed above 20,000 ft
  8. Approach IDLE, minimum RPM gear down and no WOW
  9. % RPM at which bleed valve closes during initial engine acceleration
    61 +/- 4%
  10. IDLE RPM range on standard day (after bleed valve closes)

    NOTE 1
    55 +/- 2%
  11. IDLE RPM which should be obtained within 30 sec after selecting IDLE
  12. RPM at which ignition is turned off
  13. RPM at which GTS automatically shuts down
  14. Approximate RPM at which bleed valve opens during initial engine shutdown
  15. RPM at which READY and GTS advisory lights are extinguised
  16. RPM above which ATS start valve is inhibited from opening (to reduce gear stress on ATS clutch)
  17. Minimum N2 RPM required for engine start
  18. Approximate increase in IDLE RPM after compressor bleed valve closes
  19. Maximum shift in IDLE RPM between poststart and engine shutdown checks (NOTE 4)
  20. Increase allowed IDLE RPM for each 1,500' altitude and every 10oC in ambient temp (NOTE 4)
  21. EGT above which the EGT/RPM warning illuminates
    • 650 +/- 8o C
  22. Maximum EGT for transient accelerations
    645oC (< 20 sec)
  23. Max EGT at MRT
    610oC (30 min / hr)
  24. Max continuous EGT limit
  25. Max EGT during ground start (NOTE 2)
    550oC (No more than 570oC for 10 sec)
  26. Max EGT during air start (NOTE 3)
    • 600oC (No more than 650oC for 10 sec)
  27. Max EGT at IDLE
  28. Firewire temperature required for FIRE warning light to illuminate
  29. Firewire temperature required for TAILPIPE HOT warning to illuminate
  30. Approximate decrease in EGT after compressor bleed valve closes
  31. Maximum overshoot above 600oC during airstart (10 seconds max)
  32. Max overshoot above 550oC during ground start (10 seconds max
  33. Max time limit at MRT
    30 min / flight hour
  34. Minimum interval after three GTS start attempts
    30 min
  35. Minimum interval between each GTS start attempt
    3 min
  36. Time bleed valve remains open after GTS assisted start using manual fuel
    60 seconds
  37. Max time ignition system can remain on 
    45 seconds
  38. Time that firewire must remain below 300oC for FIRE warning to go out
    45 seconds
  39. Time allowed for GTS to reach GTS IDLE before automatic shutdown
    30 seconds
  40. Time ignition system remains on after GTS button release during airstart
    30 seconds
  41. Max allowable time for GTS advisory light to illuminate while in flight
    28 seconds
  42. Max time for EGT to remain above 600oC during transient accelerations
    20 seconds
  43. Max allowable time for GTS advisory light to illuminate at sea level
    20 seconds
  44. Max allowable time for READY advisory to illuminate
    15 seconds
  45. Max allowable time engine light-off after moving throttle to IDLE
    15 seconds
  46. Max time for EGT to remain normal limit during ground start/airstart (for 20oC overshoot)
    10 seconds
  47. Px below which the LP PRESS caution light illuminates
    35 psi
  48. Oil px differential below which the OIL PRESS caution light illuminates
    10 psi
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