Brian Tracy´s Seven C´s

  1. Which are the Seven C´s?
    • 1. Clarity.
    • 2. Competence.
    • 3. Constraints.
    • 4. Concentration.
    • 5. Creativity.
    • 6. Courage.
    • 7. Continous learning.
  2. Clarity
    • Who am I?
    • What do I believe in?
    • What do I want?
    • What is success for me?
  3. Competence
    I can't climb to the next step on the ladder until I am excellent at what I do know.
  4. Constraints
    Inner limitation and constraints are obstacles to success, I will deal with them consitently and will never be complacent with my faults.
  5. Concentration
    I will focus on one thing at the time and see it through until it's done.
  6. Crerativity
    • I will reinvent myself and the way I think, I will adapt continously.
    • I will fill my life with ideas from many people and sources.
    • I will continually look for better ways to get ideas, emotions and knowledge accross. 
  7. Courage
    • La vida es de los valientes.
    • La fortuna es dama y favorece a los audaces. 

    • If I fall, I will get up.
    • If I am beaten, I will return.
    • I will never stop getting better.
    • I will never give up.
  8. Continous Learning
    I will find valuable information and learn it.

    I will not be a diletantte.

    I will study, learn, and review.

    I will not only learn theory but also practical skills.
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