Jazz History

  1. What is a rythm section?
    The group of players whose band function is accompanying.

    Mainly pianists, bassists and drummers
  2. What is a big band?
    An ensemble of ten or more players
  3. What is an arrangement?
    A written piece of music
  4. What is bebop?
    A fast-paced artist centered style of Jazz
  5. What is scat singing?
    Jazz improv using the human voice as an instrument with nonsense syllables as words
  6. What is a walking bass?
    A style of bass line in which each beat of each measure recieves a seperate tone, creating a moving sequence of quater note in the bass range.
  7. What is a chorus?
    A single playing through of the structure being used to organize the music in an improvisation
  8. What is a song form?
    To play stylistcally like you were singin
  9. What is a break?
    The portion of a piece in which all band members stop playing except the one who improves a solo.
  10. What is stride piano?
    Left-handed style used by early jazz pianists. Usually employs a bass note on the first a third beats and a chord on the second and fourth beat of each measure.
  11. What is improvisation?
    When an artist strips the melody and plays his/her own tune
  12. What is comping?
    Syncopated chording which provides improvised accompaniment for simultaneously improvised solos, flexibly complementing the rhythms and implied harmonies of the solo line
  13. What is syncopation?
    Stress on a portion of the measure least expected to recieve stress (off beats)
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