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  1. flexion
    to bend
  2. extension
    to straighten
  3. hyperextension
    maximal extension of the joint
  4. adduction
    towards the body
  5. abduction
    away from the body
  6. opposition
    touch the thumb to the finger of the same hand
  7. ulnar deviation
    wrist towards the small finger
  8. radial deviation
    wrist towards the thumb
  9. external rotation
    turning an extremity away from the other extremity
  10. internal rotation
    turning an extremity towards another extremity
  11. rotation
    turning as far as possible in a circular motion
  12. circumduction
    moving the leg or thumb in a circle
  13. supination
    palm up
  14. pronation
    palm down
  15. dorsi-flexion
    move foot so toes are pointed up
  16. plantar flexion
    move the toes so they are pointed down
  17. inversion
    turning the sole of the foot medially
  18. eversion
    turning the sole of the foot laterally
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