FT 105 Ch. 4

  1. Heat 
    All energy, both kinetic and potential within molecules.
  2. Aboslute Zero
    The temp. at which no movement of molecules occurs.
  3. Temperature
    Measure of the average molecular velocity or the degree of intensity of the heat.
  4. Hydrocarbon Product
    Organic compound that contains only carbon and hydrogen.
  5. Cellulose Material
    Complex carbohydrate of plant cell walls used in making paper or rayon.
  6. Self-oxidizing Material
    Contains oxygen within itself to sustain combustion even with a foam extinguishing agent applied.
  7. Wet Water
    Water with a wetting agent mixed in, reducing the surface tension of the water allowing it to flow more freely.
  8. Slippery Water
    Polymeres are added to the water to lower friction loss and allow the hose line to supply more water.
  9. Viscous Water
    Thickening agent is added to water to make it cling to the surface of the fuel.
  10. Thermal Imbalance
    Condition in which turbulent steam and smoke leads to decreased visibility and uncomfortable conditions.
  11. Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS)
    Foam system installed on fire apperatus.
  12. Aqueous Film-Forming Foam
    Foam created by combination of water and perfluorocarboxylic acid.
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