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  1. Where was the Ark of the Covenant housed when David conquered Jerusalem?
    I the house of Abinadab
  2. He long was the Ark in Abinadab's house?
    20 years
  3. What mistake did David make when he had the Ark moved to Jerusalem?
    He failed to carefully check God's instructions for moving the Ark.
  4. What was the tragic result of David's failure to follow God's method for moving the Ark?
    Uzzah, Abinadab's son, was struck dead when he attempted to steady the Ark
  5. What was David's response to the death of Uzzah?
    He was puzzled, displeased and afraid
  6. What did David do with the Ark?
    He had it placed in the house of Obed-edom.
  7. Hw many months passed before David again attempted to bring the Ark to Jerusalem?
    3 months
  8. What reverential fear did David show when he again had the Ark moved?
    He sacrificed to e Lord every six paces along the way
  9. What was Michal's response to David's joy in bringing the Ark into Jerusalem?
    She despised her husband's devotion to the Lord.
  10. What happened to Michal because of this attitude?
    She had no children.
  11. Where did David have the Ark placed?
    In the Tabernacle on Mount Zion in the city of Jerusalem
  12. What desire did David express to the Lord at this time?
    He wanted to build a permanent house for the Lord.
  13. Why did the Lord tell David that his throne would be an everlasting one?
    Jesus Christ would be a descendant of David, and He will one day reign on David's throne
  14. What was God's promised boundary for Israel's land?
    From the River of Egypt to the River Euphrates
  15. What did David do with the spoil that he recovered as he conquered the surrounding tribes?
    He dedicated it to the Lord for use in the tabernacle and in the temple which his son would build.
  16. Who was Mephibosheth?
    Jonathan's son whom David sought out and honored
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