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  1. How did Saul establish himself as king in the eyes of the people?
    By his victory over the Ammonites
  2. Why was it wrong for Saul to sacrifice at Gilgal?
    Samuel had told Saul to wait seven days; also, Saul was not a priest and was not authorized to sacrifice
  3. How did Samuel rebuke Saul?
    He told him that his kingdom would not continue. God would look for a king at would obey Him - "a man after His own heart."
  4. What was Israel's disadvantage in preparing for this battle against the Philistines?
    Because they had no smith to sharpen their weapons, they had no sharp swords or spears
  5. Who was Jonathan?
    Saul's son
  6. What important character trait is illustrated by Jonathan's courageous attack on the enemy in 1 Samuel 14?
    His faith
  7. What did God send to ensure Jonathan's victory?
    An earthquake that frightened and confused the enemy
  8. How did Saul nearly spoil the victory that day?
    By forbidding the people to eat anything until evening
  9. What was Saul's response when he discovered that his son Jonathan had disobeyed?
    He would have had Jonathan put to death
  10. How was Jonathan's life saved?
    The people unanimously requested that Jonathan live since he had brought victory to the whole nation.
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