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  1. Who were Israel's greatest enemies at this time?
  2. To what sinful act did Israel stoop when they feared being defeated by the Philistines?
    They copied their heathen enemies and brought the Ark of the Covenant from Shiloh into battle. They thought the Ark would be a good luck charm.
  3. What did the Philistines say when they saw that the Israelites had the Ark of the Covenant with them in the battle?
    "Quit yourselves like men and fight."
  4. What was the outcome of this battle with the Philistines?
    The Philistines won, captured the Ark, and killed both of Eli's sons.
  5. What disturbed Eli most about the battle - the death of his sons or the capture of the Ark?
    The capture of the Ark
  6. What happened to Eli whence heard that the Ark was captured?
    He fell, broke his neck, and died.
  7. He long did Eli judge Israel?
    40 years
  8. Whose son was named Ichabod?
  9. What does the name "Ichabod" mean?
    "the glory is not"
  10. Name the Philistine cities where the Ark was taken.
    Ashdod, Gath, and Ekron
  11. In Ashdod, what happened to the god Dagon when the Ark was placed beside it?
    It fell over and broke to pieces
  12. Of what was the Ark a symbol?
    God's presence in the middle of His people
  13. How long was the Ark in Philistine country?
    7 months
  14. What was the trespass offering sent to Israel from the Philistines?
    Five golden emerods and five golden mice
  15. How did the Ark get back to Israel?
    It was brought on a cart pulled by two cows who had left their calves behind
  16. Was the Ark taken back to Shiloh?
    No, it was taken to kirjath-jearim
  17. Why were 50,070 men in Beth-shemesh killed by the Lord?
    They looked into the Ark
  18. Why was this act of looking into the Ark inexcusable?
    God had said unto them, "...they shall not go in to see when the holy things are covered, lest they die." (Num. 4:20)
  19. When the Philistines prepared to attack again, what did Israel do?
    They cried to Samuel to pray for their deliverance.
  20. In 1 Samuel 7 the people cried to God and repented at what place?
  21. Did God hear their prayer and accept their sacrifice?
    Yes, He sent a thunderstorm and defeated the Philistines
  22. What memorial did Samuel set up to remember this deliverance?
    A stone called Ebenezer
  23. What does the word "Ebenezer" mean?
    "rock of help"
  24. How long did Samuel judge Israel?
    About 20 years after this victory
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