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  1. Who was Eli?
    The high priest of Israel who also served as a judge
  2. Who was the first high priest?
  3. From whom did Eli descend?
    From Ithamar, Aaron's youngest son
  4. Who was Elkanah?
    Samuel's father
  5. Whee did Elkanah take his family to worship and sacrifice?
    To the tabernacle at Shiloh
  6. What we're the names of Elkanah's wives?
    Hannah and Peninnah
  7. What wears Hannah's greatest sorrow?
    She had no child
  8. To whom did she tell her sorrow?
  9. Where was Hannah when she spoke to God about he desire for a child?
    Before Eli the high priest at Shiloh
  10. What did Eli tank when he saw Hannah praying?
    He thought she was drunk
  11. Why was Hannah's vow when she prayed for a son?
    That she would give her son back to God
  12. How did God answer Hannah's prayer for a son?
    Samuel was born
  13. Did Hannah keep her promise to God?
    Yes, when Samuel was weaned, she took him to Eli and left him in Shiloh
  14. Name Eli's sons who hated God's sacrifice.
    Hophni and Phinehas
  15. Why did God judge Eli?
    He did not restrain his sons
  16. What was Eli's judgement?
    His descendants would not remain in the priesthood, and his own sons would be killed
  17. In what chapter of 1 Samuel is Hannah's praise to God recorded?
    Chapter 2
  18. What chapter of 1 Samuel records God's first speaking to the boy Samuel?
    Chapter 3
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