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  1. Give the approximate date that God began man's history with the creation of Adam and Eve.
    Approximately 4000 B.C.
  2. What separated man from fellowship with God?
    Adam and Eve ate e fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil after God had commanded them not to eat of it.
  3. How did God destroy sinful man?
    He sent a universal flood
  4. Whom did God save from this great Flood?
    Noah and his family
  5. From whom did Adam and Eve receive the ability to speak a language?
  6. When did God confuse man's ability to communicate by giving varied languages?
    At the Tower of Babel
  7. What did this inability to understand each other cause man to do?
    Those families that could communicate grouped together and spread out over e earth.
  8. Give the approximate date of the Flood.
    Between 2400 and 2300 B.C.
  9. Whom did God call to be the father of the Jewish nation?
  10. What is the approximate date of Abraham's call?
    2000 B.C.
  11. Where was Abraham living when God called him?
    Ur of the Chaldees
  12. What did God promise to Abraham?
    God told Abraham at he would be e father of a great nation
  13. Where did God command Abraham to move?
    The land of Canaan
  14. Name Abraham and Sarah's son through whom God promised to begin the Jewish nation.
  15. Which of Abraham's sons is e father of the Arabs?
  16. Name the book and chapters that record the Creation.
    Genesis 1-2
  17. Name the book and chapter in which God relates the confusing of the one universal language.
    Genesis 11
  18. Name the book and chapters that record the Flood.
    Genesis 6-9
  19. In what book and chapter is the fall of man described?
    Genesis 3
  20. What event caused Jacob and his family to move to Egypt?
    A famine
  21. What Old Testament book describes the departure of the children of Israel from Egypt?
  22. What does the word "exodus" mean?
    "going out"
  23. Who led the children of Israel out of Egypt?
  24. Of what is the Passover a picture?
    Redemption through Jesus Christ
  25. Where did God give to His people the law?
    Mount Sinai
  26. What is the approximate date of the exodus from Egypt?
    1500 B.C.
  27. What is the theme of the book of Numbers?
    The wilderness wanderings
  28. Why did the children of Israel wander 40 years in the wilderness?
    They didn't believe that God could deliver them from the Canaanites and give them the Promised Land.
  29. Who was God's chosen leader for the conquest into Canaan?
  30. After Joshua's death, what were the later leaders in Israel called?
  31. What Old Testament book describes the dark ages of the children of Israel?
  32. Who was the last judge?
  33. In what languages was the Old Testament written?
    Hebrew with a short part in Aramaic
  34. In what language was the New Testament written?
  35. The Bible was written over a period of how many years?
    1600 years
  36. Hw many human authors did God use in writing the Bible?
  37. He many books are in the Bible?
  38. Who wrote the book of Exodus?
  39. What is the key word in the book of Leviticus?
  40. Of the books that Moses wrote, which is a book of review?
  41. Approximately how many judges ruled Israel?
  42. Approximately how many years was Israel ruled by judges?
    200 years
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