1. This is the membrane between the alveolar and capillary walls where gas exchange occurs.   ?
    What is the respiratory membrane.
  2. Nursing
    Diagnosis for this disorder may include any of the following:

    airway clearance r/t bronchospasm and/or secretion

    Intolerance r/t oxygenation/perfusion mismatch
    What is a nursing diagnosis for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)?
  3. This type of inhalant requires that the client rinse their mouth after administering the medication
    What is a powder inhaler (Advair diskus)?
  4. Decreased peripheral pulses

    Pale skin color

    Cool extremities

    Decreased hair distribution.
    What are the signs/symptoms of peripheral vascular disease?
  5. This O2 delivery system has 2 parts, a large stationary container, and a portable unit. A portable unit can weigh up to 10 pounds.
    What is liquid oxygen?
  6. This is triggered by irritants in the larynx, trachea, or bronchi
    What is the cough reflex?
  7. This may be seen in clients with central nervous system disorders.  Shallow breaths interrupted by apnea.
    What is Biot’s (cluster) respirations?
  8. These medications loosen bronchial secretions, and are often found in combination with antitussives or analgesics.  Can cause N/V
    What are expectorants?
  9. This is the amount of blood pumped from the ventricles each minute

    (SV x HR)

    Important indicator of how the heart is functioning as a pump
    What  is Cardiac Output (CO)?
  10. This device is attached to the oxygen unit or
    the wall to regulate the amount of oxygen a client is to receive
    What is a flow meter?
  11. This is always slightly negative in relationship to atmospheric pressure.
    What is intrapleural pressure?
  12. Loss of lung tissue elasticity

    of small airways

    of the alveoli (air trapping)
    What is emphysema?
  13. These are generally safe for children > 6 yrs

    May contain pseudoephedrine, analgesic, antihistimine
    What are cold medications?
  14. This condition presents with:

    chest pain, substernal and/or radiating pain to the left arm or jaw,  Nausea, SOB, Diaphoresis
    What is a myocardial infarction?
  15. Smoke only outside

    Place cautionary signs on the outside of clients doors

    Avoid materials that generate static electricity
    What are precautionary methods used to reduce the risk of fire while O2 in use?
  16. These are used to:

    improve pulmonary ventilation

    Loosen respiratory secretions

    Expand collapsed alveoli

    Facilitate gas exchange
    What  is an incentive spirometer?
  17. Infects 1/3 of the worlds population

    Pt’s c/o of fever, worsening cough, night sweats, and weight loss

    Caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis
    What  is TB or tuberculosis?
  18. INH

    Rifampin (RIF)


    or Ethanbutol
    What are the medications used for TB?
  19. Most common cause of impaired blood flow

    Vessels narrow and become constricted

    Coronary arteries are most effected
    What  is Atherosclerosis?
  20. These items should be handled with caution. 
    They should not be dropped or placed in high traffic areas or near heaters
    What are portable oxygen tanks?
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