Water Words

  1. Confluence;n
    The flowing together of two or more elements, streams or rivers, or ideas, influences, or cultures
  2. Effluent;n
    A stream or overflow from a larger body of water, or from a channel or sewer
  3. Flux;n
    A flow
  4. Dehydrate;tr.v.
    To remove water or moisture
  5. Hydrology;n
    The study of water and its effects on and in the earth and in the atmosphere
  6. Cormorant;n
    A dark, hook-billed sea bird
  7. Marinade;n
    A liquid often seasoned with spices or herbs to flavor meat or fish for a period of time before cooking
  8. Nauseate;tr.v.
    To cause queasiness; to cause to feel sick.
  9. Nave;n
    The long central part of a church
  10. Pontiff;n
    A pope or bishop
  11. Pontificate;intr.v.
    To speak with pompous authority
  12. Undulate;v
    To have or to cause to have a wavy motion
  13. Rebound;v
    To reflect or come back either favorably or unfavorably
  14. Redundant;a
    Superfluous; exceeding what is needed or what is needed no longer.
  15. Inundate;v
    To submerge or overflow with water; to flood
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