Fire Words

  1. Fervid;a
    Full of intense passion or zeal
  2. Effervescent;a
    Bubbling up from a liquid
  3. Conflagration;n
    A large destructive fire
  4. Flagrant;a
    Shockingly evident; outrageously conspicuous
  5. Inflammatory;a
    Arousing strong emotion, especially anger or hostility
  6. Flamboyant;a
    Colored or decorated in a showy way; having a showy appearance or manner
  7. Incendiary;a
    Designed or intended to cause a fire
  8. Incense;tr.v.
    To infuriate; to enrage
  9. Caustic;a
    Able to burn or eat away by chemical action
  10. Cauterize;tr.v.
    To burn with a hot iron or chemical to destroy abnormal tissue and/or to stop infection and/or bleeding
  11. Pyre;n
    A pile of wood, ect., for burning a corpse as part of a funeral rite; any pile of combustible materials
  12. Pyrotechnics;n
    A display of fireworks
  13. Pyromania;n
    Compulsion to set things on fire
  14. Scintilla;n
    Very small amount; a bit; an iota
  15. Scintillate;intr.v.
    To give off sparks, to flash; to sparkle
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