Spring 2010 Theology

  1. Since the concept of God is infinitely greater than man's finite mind, it cannot have come from man's finite mind and therfore must have been revealed by God Himself
    -man has a natural antagonism toward the moral restrictions that God's perfect nature places upon us
    -man would imagine immoral finite gods such as the fickle and fleshly Greek and Roman gods
    -man could not, and would not, have ever imagined the infinite, holy, just, and loving God of the Bible
    ONTOLOGICAL Argument
  2. Man's mind, rationality and self-consciousness could not arise by chance from mere molecules.
    -The immaterial cannot arise from the material. Atoms do not know they exist.
    -Man's self-conscious, rational nature implies a self-conscious, rational Source or Creator.
    The Argument from CONSCIOUSNESS or MIND
  3. The existence of man's conscience and moral nature demands a self-conscious and moral Maker
    -Man has a moral nature which implies a moral God planted such a nature within man
    The Argument from man's CONSCIENCE and Moral Nature
  4. If the universe and man were merely chance arrangements of atoms and chemicals, then no morality could exist.
    -ex: Genocide would be no more evil than mass spraying to exterminate mosquitos
    Yet absolute morals DO exist.
    Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao believed in Evolution and thought genocide of inferior races would foster the Evolutionary progress of the human race.
    -It is admitted by those on both sides of the debate that there is no logical basis for any absolute morals if there if no Creator or God
    -The fact that absolute morals do and indeed must exist implies a moral Maker, Lawgiver and Judge
    The Argument from Morals
  5. All evidence for miracles, fulfilled Bible prophecies, the inspiration of the Scriptures, and the resurrection of Christ are ultimately evidences for the existence of God.
    -PERSONAL evidences - Changed lives, personal relationship, answered prayer
    Evidences for SUPERNATURALISM
  6. There is one God, Who exists in a cunion of three individual and distinct personalities, Who co-exist in a perfect unity as three CO-EQUAL AND CO-ETERNAL Persons
    Description of the Trinity
  7. Groups who claim to Christians and yet deny the true Deity of Jesus Christ and of the Holy Spirit
    ex: Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science and Mormonism
  8. Heretical view of God that teaches that the Trinity consists of three separate Gods
    Many who believe in the Trinity are mistakenly called this by those who do not believe in the Trinity
  9. They accept that God is One but deny that He is Three.
    They teach that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are simply three ROLES (or modes) by which the One God reveals Himself
    ex: one man may be a son to his father, a husband to his wife, and a father to his children
    This teaching is held by the United Pentecostals, Apostolic Church, and others who deny that God is 3 in any sense whatsoever
    Oneness, Jesus only or Jesus Name Movement, Modalism
  10. Each member of the Trinity have individual WILLS and individual LOCATIONS
    as we see here where all three members of the Trinity appear separately at the same time
    at Jesus' baptism
  11. Distinctions between members of the Trinity are seen here where Jesus prayed to the Father
    Garden of Gethsemene
  12. The one true God is:_______________
    Defined: God is absolutely SEPARATE from and exalted above all His creatures (and creation) and He is equally separate from all moral evil and sin
  13. To be Set Apart FROM sin, satan and the world and set apart TO Salvation, Sanctification, the Spirit, Standards and Scripture
  14. The one true God is _____________ and ____________________.
    Defined: God's Righteousness or Justice is HIS perfect MORAL nature of always perfectly dealing rightly and justly with all that is holy and unholy, of justly punishing all evil and rewarding all good
    Just and Righteous
  15. The one true God is __________________
    Defined: God's existance is uncaused and arises from His Own eternal nature. God is not dependent upon any outside source or creative source. God is originless and simply exists because He exists.
    God is not Dependent upon any outside source for His thoughts , His decisions, His power or His counsel
  16. THE ONE TRUE GOD IS ________________________
    Defined: God's infinite divine nature is so perfect that He has no spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, physical or material NEED outside of His Own divine Being.
    -God has never had and cannot ever have in the present, in eternity past or in eternity future a single NEED of any kind that is not entirely fulfilled within His own infinite and perfect Being.
  17. THE ONE TRUE GOD IS ________________________
    Defined: God is the One and only Being who has existed for all of Eternity Past, who will exist for all Eternity Future, and who actually exists outside of and beyond the realm of TIME as the Creator, not the servant of time.
    -God not only exists for all eternity, but He HAS existed from all eternity and beyond even this, He DOES exist in all eternity.
    -God does not exist within linear time; He exists ABOVE time.
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